Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beware of ... VOODOO ON A SUNDAY!!!

Hard-boiled reads for hepcats

Uhh, I luuuve covers from old hard-boiled crime books from the 40s and 50s. They just shit all over any new covers. Period! Those dames, those cats, those crooks, those stiffs, THOSE DRESSES, MAN!!!

Actually, I don't read much new crime literature (altho my STAPLE DIET of present day reading is - needless to say!! - James Ellroy. That man is a "Napoleon victorious amongst his spoils, a conquering Caesar parading his troops", A G-O-D AMONG BOOK WRITERS!!! I would wanna have his babies if he'd let me!!! Okay, I'm going overboard a little here but you get my drift).

I got all these coves from this blog called Vintage Hardboiled Reads which unfortunately is now another floater in the harbour. Now, that's sad of course but at least it died in GRAND style: The cat behind it was called August West (probably not his real name) and one day he just said "Hey, I'm just popping outside, I'll be back soon" ... but he never did!!!!! Is he THE STIFF in the alley? Is he in the BIG HOUSE?? Is he on the RUN??? IS HE OFF TO BUMP SOMEBODY OFF????

(click the covers for bigger size)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Shing Fui-On (RIP)

Shing Fui-On (left) with Andy Lau

Shing Fui-On 1955-2009.
Unfortunately I've just learnt the sad news that Hong Kong actor Shing Fui-On has died from Cancer on August 27th. He was only 54.

Like so many other HK actors Shing Fui-On played in literally hundreds of movies. In HK he was nicknamed "Big Sillyhead". He was in many comedies but among HK film fans in the West he was more well known for playing nasty bad guys. Personally, he was one of my favourite HK bad guys right up there with Anthony Wong. His film list is far too vast to mention here but some of my own favourites include:

A Better Tomorrow (1986)
A Better Tomorrow II (1987)
Just Heroes (1989)
Her Vengeance (1988)
God of Gamblers (1989)
The Killer (1989)
Killing Angels (1989)
The Untold Story (1993)
Ebola Syndrome (1996)

His last film was The Detective from 2007.

Selected filmography (borrowed from
The Young Dragons (1975)
All the Wrong Spies (1983)
The Pier (1983)
Shanghai Blues (1984)
How are You My Friends (1985)
My Heavenly Lover (1985)[cameo]
A Better Tomorrow (1986)
Magic Crystal (1986)
Brotherhood (1986)
The First Vampire in China (1986)
The Innocent Interloper (1986)
The Law Enforcer (1986)
Legacy of Rage (1986)
Parking Service (1986)
A Better Tomorrow II (1987)
Brotherhood (1987)
Heartbeat 100 (1987)
Just Heroes (1989)
Prison on Fire (1987)
Return of the Demon (1987)
Road Warriors (1987)
To Err is Humane (1987)
Tragic Hero (1987)
18 Times (1988)
Dragons Forever (1988)
Bet on Fire (1988)
Crazy Companies 2 (1988)
Criminal Hunter (1988)
The Dragon Family (1988)
Final Justice (1988)
Ghost in the House (1988)
The Greatest Lover (1988)
He who Chases after the Wind (1988)
Her Vengeance (1988)
Moon, Star, Sun (1988)
No Compromise (1988)
Three Against the World (1988)[cameo]
Tiger on the Beat (1988)[cameo]
The Truth (1988)
The Bachelor's Swan-Song (1989)
The Black Wall (1989)
Burning Ambition (1989)
Carry On Yakuza (1989)
City Cops (1989)
City Kids 1989 (1989)
Club Girls (1989)
Crocodile Hunter (1989)
Fight to Survive (1989)
God of Gamblers (1989)
The Killer (1989)
Killing Angels (1989)
Little Cop (1989)
Operation Pink Squad 2 (1989)
Perfect Match (1989)
Return of the Lucky Stars (1989)
The Romancing Star 3 (1989)
Running Mate (1989)
Seven Warriors (1989)
Stars and Roses (1989)
Thank You, Sir (1989)
They Came to Rob Hong Kong (1989)
Thunder Cops 2 (1989)
Triads: The Inside Story (1989)
Brave Young Girls (1990)
Chicken a La Queen (1990)
Family Honor (1990)
The Fortune Code (1990)
Gangland Odyssey (1990)
Ghostly Vixen (1990)
God of Gamblers 2 (1990)
It Takes Two to Mingle (1990)
Love is Love (1990)
My Hero (1990)
No Risk, No Gain (1990)
Perfect Girls (1990)
Raid on Royal Casino Marine (1990)
Return to Action (1990)
The Spooky Family (1990)
To Spy With Love (1990)
Triad Story (1990)
The Unmatchable Match (1990)
When Fortune Smiles (1990)
All for the Gamblers (1991)
The Blue Jean Monster (1991)
Devil's Vendetta (1991)
Don't Fool Me (1991)
Easy Money (1991)
An Eternal Combat (1991)
Fist of Fury 1991 (1991)
Ghost for Sale (1991)
Legend of the Dragon (1991)
Queen of Underworld (1991)
A Rascal's Tale (1991)
Red Shield (1991)
Return of the Evil Fox (1991)
Scheming Wonders (1991)
The Tigers (1991)
Today's Hero (1991)
The Top Bet (1991)
Tricky Brains (1991)
Vampire Kids (1991)
Cheetah on Fire (1992)
Come Fly the Dragon (1992)
Erotic Ghost Story 3 (1992)
Ghost Killer (1992)
Handsome Siblings (1992)[cameo]
Night Life Hero (1992)
The Night Rider (1992)
Rhythm Of Destiny (1992)
Rich Man (1992)
Sisters In Law (1992)
The Sting (1992)
The Twilight Of The Forbidden City (1992)
The Unleaded Love (1992)
Vengeance of Six Dragons (1992)
What A Hero! (1992)
Bogus Cops (1993)
Boys are Easy (1993)
Chez 'n Ham (1993)
Crazy Love (1993)
Dancing Boy In Underworld Street (1993)
Drug Tiger (1993)
The Eight Hilarious Gods (1993)
Shadow Cop (1993)
The Untold Story (1993)
Ancient Chinese Whorehouse (1994)[cameo]
The Crucifixion (1994)
Don't Shoot Me, I'm Just a Violinist! (1994)
Fearless Match (1994)
Hong Kong Adam's Family (1994)
The Lady Punisher (1994)
Naked Rose (1994)[cameo]
Reckless Barrister (1994)
Rock on Fire (1994)
To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui (1994)
Candlelight's Woman (1995)
The Case of the Cold Fish (1995)
Dream Killer (1995)
Enemy Shadow (1995)
Hong Kong Graffiti (1995)
Love, Guns & Glass (1995)
The Saint of the Gamblers (1995)
Secret Lover (1995)
Thunderbolt (1995)
18 Shaolin Golden Boy (1996)
Ebola Syndrome (1996)
Horrible High Heels (1996)
How to Meet the Lucky Stars (1996)
Sexy and Dangerous (1996)
Tri-Star (1996)
Young and Dangerous (1996)[cameo]
My Dad is a Jerk (1997)
Walk In (1997)
A Love Story (1998)
Troublesome Night 3 (1998)
The Lord of Amusement (1999)
The Devil Shadow (2000)
MAFIA.COM (2000)
Killing End (2001)
Chinese Orthopedist and the Spice Girls (2002)
The Troublesome Romance (2002)[V]
Prison on Fire - Preacher (2002)[V]
A Mysterious Murder (2003)
Lethal Cop (2003)
Unarm 72 Hours (2003)
Summer Vacation (2003)
The Story of Long (2003)
Drug Baron (2004)
Boxing Hero (2004)
Brothers (CHINA 2004)
Himalaya Singh (2005)
The Detective (2007)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rush (1983)

Cover scan for my Danish Video2000 release of the Italian 1983 Tonino Ricci directed post-apocalypse flick RUSH!!! :D

(click scan for bigger size)

PS: I see there's a couple of new subscribers; welcome aboard (and yes I'm probably the only person in Cyberspace to actually greet followers, haha).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zimatar - trailer

Here it is, finally. The trailer for the very rare Filipino adventure film ZIMATAR.

Thanks to bearded man Patrick for uploading this! Great stuff. The trailer comes from the Japanese VHS release of the Filipino horror flick ZUMA (which I've written about before). The other way 'round, the ZIMATAR tape contains a trailer for ZUMA (in English no less, although the film has never been dubbed).

Both Japanese tapes are very rare and go for rather huge amounts on eBay. ZUMA only exists on Japanese VHS and Filipino VCD (the first is very rare, the latter is very very rare, LOL). ZIMATAR only exists in English on very very rare Japanese VHS (of which I'm the happy owner of a copy!) and there's a crappy German DVD/VHS release (which is crappy because the picture is overmodulated + needless to say it's dubbed in German and the DVD sadly doesn't offer neither a Filipino or English option).

(you can click both scans for spiffy proper sizes!)

Pulp International

On Monday I suggested you check out the web-page/blog PULP INTERNATIONAL and I want to stress how much fun this blog is. Check out three of today's pulp covers (from Italy). Wauw!! Totally rad!! And there's more of the same. You gotta go there! (I can't link to the post so if you read this sometime in the future you gotta go to the "Shocking Blue" post from today's date).

(click the scans for bigger size)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The other woman...

...alright maybe not quite but the other BLOG! I finally did a proper update on the Filipino war movie blog with some crazed Aussie guy's long rant with some Dutch guy. LOL. Oh, and Eric Hahn is now a follower of that blog as well. How cool is that. Eric has a blog of his own as well now. It seems every Westerner who was ever in a Filipino war flick has his own blog now. Well, ya ain't gonna hear any complaints coming from this here hack writer! He doesn't have very many blog entries yet but check out his post about the DELTA FORCE 2 helicopter crash. Mind-blowing reading. Go here. Oh, and one of his other posts is about living his Mexico. Gee man, it sounds most of all like BEING ON THE SET OF A FILIPINO WAR MOVIE!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kind of blue

Photo of Miles Davis, after being beaten and arrested by New York City police outside the club Birdland, fifty years ago today.

I got the above picture + text (from today) from this very cool blog on everything PULP. And incidentally the blog is located in ... the Philippines! :D You should check it out, lots of cool pulp'y pix.

Bergman's lost production

Had Ingmar Bergman ever made a film in Japan it would've looked like this. I'm sure.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Equalizer 2000 (1986)

Friend and follower of this blog Burt Spoor was interviewed by Andrew Leavold yesterday on Facebook and I posted a bit of that interview on my Filipino war movie blog yesterday. One of the films Burt talked about was Cirio Santiago's MAD MAX 2 clone EQUALIZER 2000 (aka Defender 2000) so I thought I might as well pull this one out of the pile-to-watch pile and give it a spin. :D

What can I say other than it was good fun! And everyone was in it: Richard Norton, Don Gordon, Eric Hahn, Henry Strzalkofski, Nick Nicholson, Vic Diaz, and Bert Spoor. Some of the storyline doesn't make sense at all but you sort of expect that don't you, haha.

My VHS is a Danish tape from Juno Media and I'm certain it's uncut. Fred Adelman reviewed the US tape from MGM/UA Home Video on Critical Condition but that version only runs 77 minutes. Fred mentions that the uncut tape runs another 8 minutes so I'm confident the Danish tape is uncut as it clocks in around the 84 min mark. Also, the two scenes that Fred refers to as being cut out of the R rated tape are both in the Danish version. Unfortunately, this isn't released on DVD.

I might as well repeat Burt's bit about Equalizer 2000, altho he didn't remember that much from it, LOL.

Bert Spoor:
I cannot remember much of the Equalizer, I did the routines and died again several times. A lot of background action, being blown away and fly the sky. There was a small incident however I won't forget. There was a little tree left in the frame, and this little tree was suppose to break at gunfire. At action the little blast made some noise and ... Read moresmoke, but the tree was still there. At take two, just about action, this sucker all of a sudden falls down, very slowly. It's quiet on the set then everybody starts laughing when Cirio was cursing: Putanginamo. Third take the tree was set back to possision, I think this one worked...

One thing I'd like to know tho; Who was the chick that Norton hooks up with? Was she in other Filipino flicks? And what was Richard Norton really like? In most of his films he plays the bad guy but here he's the hero. Maybe he got to play the hero cos he has that broad Aussie accent like Mel in the MAD MAX films, xD.

EDIT: I looked up the film on IMDb and the chick who plays the hero's love interest is Corinne Alphen and the data base says she now works as a certified professional Tarot card reader, haha.

Read Fred Adelman's cool review here.

MORE EDIT: I found the trailer on YouTube. Yay!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

TV docu from early 80s on HC punk in L.A.

Ahh, the good ol'e days. Watch this a lean about a past not long ago and yet in a completely different society. Oh, and I was there man!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh ILSA!!!

The original 3 VHS releases of the ILSA films in Denmark!




Notice when these films originally ran in the Danish cinemas and came out on VHS the title character was called "Ilse" because that's the correct Danish and German spelling. This "Ilsa" is an American respelling. Unfortunately, when the Danish video company put out these films on DVD a few years back they didn't bother to use the Danish title. Many Danes don't give two fucks for tradition. :/

Covers not surprisingly courtesy of Mr 'Bolik.

Captain Berlin Vs. Hitler - trailer

Patrick posted this but I gotta post this as well!! This looks too awesome not to post!!!!! Jörg Buttgereits new movie. :D

Cool DVD cover art? Yeah, right. My arse!

More from Diabolik's amazing collection of rare Danish ex-rental tapes.






(You can click all the covers for bigger size)

Thanks to Diabolik.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do you need "Frankenstein's Castle Of Freaks" in your collection? Now here's your chance

There's an auction for it on eBay UK, check it out here.

And yep, they still use Pound Sterling in the UK, that's not Yen or Pesetas. :-O

There's even three days to go.

Piranha from AWE

I just learnt via Skræk og rædsel that Another World Entertainment is putting out Joe Dante's PIRANHA from 1978. Great news!


Now THAT'S a double bill that could've rocketed AWE into the world of über cool celeb video companies, LOL.

Here's a couple of memorable scenes:

However, despair not; PIRANHA 2 is out on a good, cheap and letterboxed DVD from the UK (get it from for around £5). Skip the reg. 1 DVD as it's fullscreen.

This one below (from MIA) is also from the UK and has a way cooler cover but unfortunately it's fullscreen.

Diabolik #1

Heeey, I'll be getting this! Yay! Spiffy!!

American edition from Pacific Comics Club published in 1986

This is the Italian comic book series that Mario Bava's film DANGER: DIABOLIK from 1968 was based upon. It was created in 1962 by the two sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani. I don't remember this being published in Denmark (otherwise one of the leading countries in the 70s and 80s to publish comic books and albums [or 'graphic novels' as you modern kids call them now]). There's an okay Wiki page about the series here.
I'm not gonna keep announcing sporadic posts on my other Greek language blog but I thought I'd remind Danish readers that it's there and I just posted something. Check it out here.

Obviously the Flexfleece chick is just there to spice up an otherwise boring post. I don't suggest you buy anything from there.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Renato Polselli's unreleased MANIA - the complete trailer

I posted the trailer for Renato Polselli's Italian horror movie MANIA from 1974 a little while ago but unfortunately it was a rather aborted version. Now, thanks to a private collector, here's the complete trailer finally. And in a really good condition too. It comes from a 35mm print.

Wayne on Cinehound informed me MANIA has NEVER been released anywhere on VHS or any other format, nor has it been shown anywhere on television. There exist no bootlegs either. And even when it came out it only had a very limited run in the Italian cinemas. When you watch the trailer it's hard to understand why it didn't cause more interest but maybe the stimmung back then just wasn't in favour of it. :(
It's a crime against all humanity that this film doesn't exist on DVD and I certainly hope we'll get to see it released soon.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Feels like a Sunday night fun on a Monday, eh? Part 2

Where do these people come from? :-O

Feels like a Sunday night fun on a Monday, eh?

"Joan Jett and Angelina Jolie look SO much alike to me!! Both are super gorgeous, I wish Angelina would play Joan Jett in a movie!!!"

(YouTube user's comment from another Joan Jett video)


Cool video with Joan Jett (with cool new hair [well, 'new' back then anyway]) doing an old Iggy Pop track which is really an old... I forget... track. :/
And yeah that is Joey Ramone in the beginning of the video.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Devil Times Five

I'm gonna get this, that for sure. xD

On Amazon

One man, one cup

Haha, this is probably the greatest interview with a rock "star" I've ever seen (don't worry the headline is just a play on words, nobody shoves anything up their rectrum).

EDIT (sep. 13th, 2009): when I check Google Analytics I can see that there are people who land on my blog EVERY DAY because they make a search for "one man one cup". How disappointed you perverts must be that all I've got here is some weirdo musician with an ACTUAL cup, hahaha.

Cinehound the place to be today

It's Cinehound forum's birthday today (well, since we've just crossed into the hour of the wolf where I'm at it was actually yesterday).

Three yrs ago headhound Miltos Kordas opened the Cyberspace doors to what soon became a haven for fans of world-weird cinema. It's really the place for fans of weird horror and exploitatin movies from around the globe to hang out at (no wonder it's where Pete Tombs of Mondo Macabro hangs out).

It's where you can get info on obscure, lost, forgotten, dismissed (lol) films from places like Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines, everywhere else including the west. And find out where it was all released on VHS 25 years ago. xD

Did I mention it's where yours truly mods the Asian section, LOL.

Cinehound isn't one of the biggest message boards on the Internet or has the most members, but it's certainly one of the friendliest places to be. So big congrats to Miltos and the rest of the Cinehound members.

The cake is courtesy of Cinehound member Skyline.

Crappy sister blog

When you decide to do a blog one of the dilemmas is always whether to publish your stuff in English or your own lingo (provided you speak something else as well, obviously). With this blog I chose English cos I didn't wanna limit my readership to a handful of Danes so I decided to force-feed the world with my beliefs instead of just Denmark.

However, sometimes on a rare occasion there's stuff I don't bring here as I know right away it'll have zilch interest to non Danish/Scandinavian readers. And so, as of today, I'll brink that stuff here.

Now, if you're one of my international readers don't worry about all this. I'll still be spending most of my time here with you, most beloved international reader. And you won't miss out on anything worthwhile as most of the stuff I'll be delivering to the Danish readers is gonna be worthless and weak crap anyway. Those Danish people will swallow anything you give them (I'm not one of them, I'm only visiting, haha).

More rad stuff IN ENGLISH soon!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Old Gang reunite after four years

Yesterday in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen. Heine Sørensen (on the right) and Yours Truly hooked up with Obskuriøst editor Henrik Larsen (middle) after four long years of non-communication and looking cross. We had a blast! Henrik, lissen; Heine & I agree: it was a wonderful day! Thanks!!!

This unfocused, shaky one of Henrik & I actually pretty much reflects the surreal atmosphere of the afternoon.

PS: And my cult is growing. Thanks to Julia the Strange for subbing. Do check out her blog if you read Danish. In the words of that ol'e fave Cronenberg film: Long live the new flesh.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MGM's Midnite Movies DVD's - complete list

I dig complete lists so here's another one; It's the complete listing of all films that MGM have released in their awesome Midnite Movies series. The list comes courtesy of Bill Piper of Dvdmaniacs forum and the notes in the list are his too.

These DVD's are all great and anybody interested in horror movies ought to check them out. Unfortunately some of them are way out of print (the Reptilicus DVD I mentioned in the previous post is part of this series and is sadly OOP).

Please notice:
A number of the films are released as both single film DVDs and double sided DVDs paired with another film.

I have only included the double sided DVDs, except for those instances where a film is only released as a single film DVD.

Also, four films were only released on VHS as part of the Midnite Movies series (the four films did get a DVD release but without the Midnite Movies moniker).

List and notes by Bill Piper:

Released August 27, 2002:

01: The Attic/Crawlspace
02: Deranged/Motel Hell
03: Masque Of The Red Death/Premature Burial
04: The Oblong Box/Scream And Scream Again
05: What's The Matter With Helen?/Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?

Released April 15, 2003:

06: Angel Unchained/The Cycle Savages
07: Cry Of The Banshee/Murders In The Rue Morgue
08: Invisible Invaders/Journey To The Seventh Planet
09: Muscle Beach Party/Ski Party
10: Psych-Out/The Trip

Released August 26, 2003:

11: The Comedy Of Terrors/The Raven
12: Countess Dracula/The Vampire Lovers
13: The Haunted Palace/Tower Of London
14: The Tomb Of Ligeia/An Evening Of Edgar Allan Poe

Released August 24, 2004 (Initially released as Best Buy exclusives):

15: The Abominable Dr. Phibes/Dr. Phibes Rises Again
16: Attack Of The Puppet People/Village Of The Giants
17: Beach Blanket Bingo/How To Stuff A Wild Bikini
18: Beach Party/Bikini Beach
19: Count Yorga Vampire/The Return Of Count Yorga
20: Empire Of The Ants/Tentacles
21: The Fall Of The House Of Usher/The Pit And The Pendulum
22: The Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow/Ghost In The Invisible Bikini
23: The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant/The Thing With Two Heads
24: Invasion Of The Star Creatures/Invasion Of The Bee Girls
25: The Land That Time Forgot/The People That Time Forgot
26: Monster That Challenged The World/It! Terror From Beyond Space
27: Strange Invaders/Invaders From Mars
28: Theater Of Blood/Madhouse
29: The Wild Angels/Hell's Belles
30: Wild In The Streets/Gas-s-s-s!

Released March 22, 2005 (Initially only available via Canadian online

31: Die Monster Die!/The Dunwich Horror
32: Fireball 500/Thunder Alley
33: Last Man On Earth/Panic In Year Zero!
34: The Mini-Skirt Mob/Chrome And Hot Leather
35: Morons From Outer Space/Alien From L.A.
36: Tales Of Terror/Twice Told Tales
37: Voodoo Island/The Four Skulls Of Jonathan Drake
38: War-Gods Of The Deep/At The Earth's Core

Released June, 2006:

39: Crystalstone/Boy and the Pirates, The
40: Fortunes of Captain Blood/Captain Pirate

Released September 11, 2007:

41: Beast Within, The/Bat People, The
42: Blueprint for Murder, A/Man in the Attic
43: Chosen Survivors/Earth Dies Screaming, The
44: Devils of Darkness/Wichcraft
45: Gorilla at Large/Mystery on Monster Island
46: House on Skull Mountain, The/Mephisto Waltz, The
47: Konga/Yongary, Monster From The Deep
48: Phantom from 10,000 Leagues/Beast With A Million Eyes, The
49: Return Of Dracula/Vampire, The
50: Tales from the Crypt/Vault of Horror

There have been 116 film titles released in the Midnite Movies line,
100 of those films are available on double-feature disks and 16
available only as single-feature disks.

The following are Midnite Movies not yet paired with another movie on
a MM double-feature disk:

01: Angry Red Planet
02: Bucket of Blood, A
03: Donovan's Brain
04: Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine
05: Food of the Gods, The
06: Frogs
07: I Bury The Living
08: Island of Dr. Moreau
09: Killer Klowns From Outer Space
10: Man From Planet X
11: Mars Needs Women
12: Pajama Party
13: Planet of The Vampires
14: Reptilicus
15: Witchfinder General
16: X - The Man With The X-Ray Eyes

EDIT: I've noticed the following four titles were ONLY part of the Midnite Movies line on VHS: Pajama Party, Frogs, A Bucket of Blood, Burn Witch Burn.
Their DVD counter parts are ordinary MGM releases that don't carry the cool MM logo on the front.

Thanks to Bill Piper for providing me with this list. Cheers mate. Also thanks to Jayson for additional info on the VHS only releases.

Request of the week: The Reptilicus Song

Alright, Fred asked for it (in the previous post's commentary section) and here it is:

The Reptilicus Song, "Tilicus", from the Danish version of the Danish/American co-production REPTILICUS.

Danish comedian Dirch Passer doing the Reptilicus song, "Tilicus", but fortunately only in the Danish version

In contradiction to common belief the American version isn't a dubbed version of the Danish film. We're actually talking two films here as they filmed it twice and released the two versions with a year in-between; The Danish film is from 1961 and the US version came out the following year. In Denmark it was also aka Dus Med Uhyret on video.

Personally, I much prefer the American version as it was made and regarded as a horror monster movie in the great tradition of, well, horror monster movies! In early 1960s Denmark that genre was virtually unknown. The Danish distributors and film makers didn't know what to do with the concept so they put Danish comedian Dirch Passer in it and turned it into a comedy monster movie.

Fred asked to see Mr. Passer's Reptilicus song and here it is but I must admit I've always loathed and despised (two words that basically mean the same) that scene from the film. In fact I could have done without Dirch Passer at all! I mean they put a kiddie song in a monster movie! What where they thinking, haha.

Needless to say, the film became the laughing stock among Danish film-goers in 1961. REPTILICUS was made by the Danish film company Saga Studios and for many years it was standard amongst all employees at Saga that if they mentioned the film by its title they had to buy a round of beer for everyone there. But, please dear reader, we're fans of trashy films and of course I don't agree with those dimwits back then. Nor should you. Ed Wood Jr. was ridiculed but his PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE is a highly entertaining piece of celluloid. Today it's a cult movie and holds a dear place to fans of psychotronic cinema. A far cry from the critics who dismissed it when it came out. Personally, I think REPTILICUS is a pretty entertaining trash film and altho the US one is the better version I still watch them both from time to time.

The US version is out on DVD from MGM's Midnite Movies series on Reg. 1 DVD. The Danish version is only released in Denmark from Nordisk Film and unfortunately it's an English unfriendly release. It only comes with Danish subs. It would be cool if MGM (or someone else) would put out a double disc released with both films and all subbed in English.

Trailer for the US version:

Trailer for the Danish version:

Amazing scene from the Danish version not in the US version:

Dansevise (1963)

You didn't see that one coming, eh.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fellow blogs that fly under the radar but that you OUGHT to know about!!! ... "WORLDWEIRD"

As mentioned in my previous post I've got zilch to say tonight but what I DO want is to recommend that you check out this fine gentleman's blog. There's far too few sites, blogs, and fanzines that write about world-weird cinema. Jared does exactly that on his Worldweird Cinema blog and YOU should read his stuff. And if you're curious about Turkish cinema it's the place to be tonight as his most recent entry is on the weird hybrid that is THREE SUPEMEN AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES (aka Üc Süpermen Olimpiyatlarda) / THREE SUPERMEN AND A MAD GIRL (Çilgin Kiz Ve ÜÇ Süper Adam).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I've got nothing to say... here's a bunch of pictures. They're completely unrelated. Or are they? You be the judge.