Monday, July 6, 2009

Dark HK: THE RAPE AFTER (1983)

If you want a completely uncut and letterboxed version of one of the very best of the dark and nasty HK horror movies from 1980s; here it is: Moon-Tong Lau's THE RAPE AFTER (aka Yin Zhong).
The auction runs for another 6 days.

EDIT: The film is from 1983, not '86. Thanks, Andras.

Gory & nasty Hong Kong: THE BEASTS (Dutch cover)

[VHS/Holland/letterbox/English dub/Dutch subtitles/uncut]
(click scan for bigger size)

I have written about the HK movie THE BEASTS (aka Flesh And Bloody Terror) several times this week and I've fortunately been able to show you a scan of the cool pre-cert VHS release from the UK. However, the DVD-r I own is actually taken from the video tape released in Holland and it annoyed me greatly that I didn't have a scan of this version to post. Obviously, all I needed was to write my mate Teade (aka KingofB) in Holland and ask for a scan. :D I knew he had one cos, well, initially I got my DVD-r from him, LOL. Thanks buddy, you're the best!

I should point out I have never seen the UK tape so I can't tell you whether it's presented in fullscreen or letterbox. The Dutch tape is both uncut and letterboxed. The print carries the English dub.

PS: If you think the UK cover is heaps better I won't argue with you.

And here's a bootleg "release" of the Flesh And Bloody Terror version (or Flesh And Bloody Horror as it's re-titled here).

Too cute for school

Oh, G.E.M. is a popular pop singer from HK by the way. :D

Not a film you see every day

Jared published this over at Worldweird but I gotta post it here too!

NB: YouTube have begun to show their videos in widescreen now and unfortunately Blogger haven't updated the "video window" layout so you'll still see it as a square picture here, i.e. some of the video is missing. To see the proper picture just go to YouTube.

Turkish Star Wars trailer

Alright, if you read the comments to the last post; here it is: The rare trailer for TURKISH STAR WARS (aka The Man Who Saves The World):

The lowdown on Mr Turkish Rambo

Ed Glaser, the gent behind the RAMPAGE (aka Turkish Rambo/Korkusuz) DVD, has just posted an interview they did with Serdar Kebapcilar who played the Turkish Rambo character in RAMPAGE. It's a pretty long and relaxed interview, and it gives a good impression of the guy and how he started out in films and stuff. It's in Turkish with English subs.

Cetin Inanc, the director of RAMPAGE who also did über-cool films such as TURKISH ROCKY, DEATH WARRIOR, and TURKISH STAR WARS.

Serdar Kebapcilar