Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Gories are back!!!

My Gawd!!! I just discovered THE GORIES are back!!! They've been playing Europe this summer. Wauw. Amazing!

- And another reason why maybe... just maaybe... I should start checking out the music press again. :( :( :(

There's live recordings all over YouToobe but these two tracks are probably the ones with the best recorded sound.

- and 20 years earlier:

The Night God Screamed (1971)

(click scan for bigger size)

I watched THE NIGHT GOD SCREAMED last night and what a terrific horror movie this is. Truly creepy. Unfortunately, it's not released on DVD so you'll have to find an old video tape (or get a dvdr from someone). Filed either in the "Invasion" section or "Manson inspired" section. :D

Thanks to Caspar Vang of for selling a huge part of his collection which means I'm now the happy owner of THE NIGHT GOD SCREAMED on Danish ex-rental. The scan comes courtesy of Diabolik.