Saturday, November 17, 2012

ARTE Film Festival: MAMMUTH

The French/German TV channel ARTE TV screened the French movie MAMMUTH last night as part of their annual film festival and while I found the film to be extremely funny I must admit I didn't see the two-guys-jerk-each-other-off scene coming; It's not the scene as such but the fact that it stars Gérard Depardieu!! (and some old guy). It was slightly unsettling, haha.

Anyhoo, as I said the film was really funny. It's about this guy who retires from work but he hasn't got enough money so he decides to travel thru the country (France) in order to seek out his old employers and ask for his old worksheets so he can get a higher pension (or some such, I'm not familiar with the French system). The film is basically a road movie. Very funny. Very weird. Very different from other road movies I've seen.

The ARTE screening was presented by Isabella Rosellini who also introduced the other two festival films that were screened last night, SINGULARIDADES DE UMA RAPARIGA LOURA and TOURNÉE. SINGULARIDADES was directed by Manoel de Oliveira who was born in 1908 and made the film when he was 100 years old! I believe he's still alive.


Unfortunately, I couldn't find an English friendly trailer so here's a German dubbed one. There are French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese friendly ones on YouTube if you prefer any of those.

EDIT: Like so many other trailers this one got deleted from YouTube, but fortunately I found another one right away. This one is even subbed in English and it was uploaded to YT in 2011. I see I posted my original post in 2012 (ten years ago!!!), so how come I didn't find it back then but had to resort to a German trailer I have no idea. But here it is anyway. And I've downloaded it as well just to make sure in case they delete this one as well! (14.06.2022)