Monday, April 15, 2013

My VCD collection from ... some Chinese territory

Here's a whole pile of VCD's (video-cd's) that I bought second-hand at a video store in Copenhagen in the early 2000s. I have no idea where they originate from other that it's a Chinese speaking country. Mainland China or Taiwan I would guess but not Hong Kong as there's no English text on the covers. Some of them are actually called DVCD ("dvd + vcd = dvcd"!!). Is there a difference to the ordinary VCD format? No idea! Most of them have no English titles on the covers either but if I remember correctly they all carry English and Chinese subtitles (i.e. they're off HK prints).

PICTURE OF A NYMPH aka Portrait of a Nymph

A sinful DWARF and lake BUNNIES to save the day

I'm visiting relatives and unfortunately they wanted to treat me to a funny Danish comedy from 1975 called BRAND-BØRGE RYKKER UD!

"Unfortunately" cos it was shite! Worse than the time I got a piece of rusty metal in my eye as a kid. It would have been more "fun" to get my wiener stuck between a fridge and a slamming fridge door. Yes, that awful! However, there were 2 (T-W-O) brief scenes of true 1970s Danish sleaze to save the movie!!

40 minutes into the film, two dimwits are outside a loo door yelling to a man in there; "Have you got a lady in there?" The door opens and at first the retards can't see anybody until they look down and see... TORBEN BILLE! Yes, the sleazy creepy rapist dwarf from the Danish-American co-production DVÆRGEN aka The Sinful Dwarf!!! He's in the film for all of 5 seconds.

The second scene sees another two spassies steal clothes from three nude girls near a lake!!! The scene runs for about a minute and the girls look like real '70s chicks with proper shapes (proper bums and non plastic boobs rule!) and bush galore. It's a beautiful scene and saves the film. Haha. As I never ever wanna watch this stinkeroo again I thought I'd save these two scenes in screen grab galore instead. I'm confident this is gonna win the "Blog Post of the Day" award. ^_^