Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not one, not two, not even three... but FOUR hours!!!

Holy fuck! Diabolik from Cinehound forum rang me and we spoke for four hours!!! Oh man, than guy surely can talk. Han kan virkelig snakke Fanden et øre af! We got thru everything from ex-rental tapes to, well, everything conserning the VHS collector scene really. And everyone connected with that scene, LOL. End-result: we're hooking up next Sunday at his pad. Apparently (according to my mate Nils Markvardsen) he's got thee biggest mouthwatering ex-rental collection ever. Oh well, as Diabolik said, that doesn't really matter, what matters is talking to nice collectors. I can subscribe to that.


As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm staying home from work due to a ruptured muscle in my right thigh. It's getting better but it still hurts like hell, however, the worst part (no, not really) is not knowing why at all it began. I just have no idea! Anyway, my G.P. told me it would take at least a fortnight before I'd recover. Two bloody weeks! That may sound like heaven and all. You'd think it would be psychotronic movie overkill on my part but actually it isn't. Altho the pain is in my thigh it's almost as if I have the flu! I'm just not comfortable watching movies while being in so much pain. Yes, terrible!! As I've mentioned the last couple of days, I have watched a couple of movies but those did take twice as long to get thru due to my having to get up and stretch out due to the pain, or to go to the loo (due to having been in front of the tv set for so long) or whatever. Hopefully I'll be ready to go back to work on Saturday. Anyway, not all's totally horrible. I've got the fridge stocked up on lollies and I have enough coffee to survive any Italian post-apocalypse type third world war holocaust that may erupt!! Also, since there's only really two positions I can take without being in complete pain, one is lying down, it means I have to write this while being on my back (sure glad there's no web cams in the house). This is kinda okay... until you wanna I take a sip of your coffee and then spill it all over yourself! So what else happened today? Absolutely nothing. I exchanged a few text messages with my friend Heine and my almost-girlfriend Charlotte, I made a few posts at some film message boards, and my Dad rang but that was about it. No, wait, I also went out with the garbage and emptied the letter box. Exciting life when you're sick! To make myself feel a bit better I ordered the legendary Italo horror flick BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (by Mario Bava) from Amazon, altho my bank account is in the red. Oh well.