Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More exorcism stuff

Recently I've found two more L'OSSESSA posters on eBay. The first one is from Uruguay and I actually had that one bookmarked for a couple of months but didn't buy it as it was slightly pricey ($50). I suppose everyone else thought the same - or maybe it just flew under the radar and no one discovered it. Eventually I wrote to the seller and offered him $30 to which he agreed. Yay! The other one (which I must admit I think is by far the better one) I didn't get (sob-sob). But at least I have the scan. I made a $50 bid and it went for $68. What a bummer! Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

NB: Click the scans for bigger sizes.

Addendum: I wrote to the seller of the Thai poster and asked if he might think he'd be getting another copy in later but he didn't even bother to send me a reply. I waited a few days and then wrote and asked again but he STILL ignores my emails. What an arsehole! I've bought from him in the past and every time I've poured tons of money down his plughole he's always been willing to make a reply. I guess he recons he won't be getting another poster so why bother! In the words of Anita Lane from that record she did with Nick Cave: "You make me sick!".