Sunday, December 13, 2015

AMERICAN MARY (Can, 2012) Dir: ze Soska twinz

"Ich fühle mich wie doktor Mengele heute"*

 I watched the Soska sisters' second film the other day, AMERICAN MARY. Their first is DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK but I haven't seen that one. But THIS one I've seen and I loved it! A young female student is on her way to become a surgeon but she's raped by one of her professors and she decides to leave her course and take revenge. What kind of revenge? I hear you ask. Well, not telling you, you'll have to get the film. Basically this is a revenge flick.And what a revenge flick!

The way the Soska twins directed the film, and Katharine Isabelle in the lead role (she was also in the GINGER SNAPS movies) makes for exciting viewing. I wasn't bored for one second of the film. At all.

I watched the UK DVD. There's no subs but at least it carries the German dub next to the original English audio (!!!). There are two short docs but no trailer. I got the DVD for peanuts from Amazon.

Highly recommended.

*Line in the movie from a German assistant the main character hires. It translates: "Today, I feel like doctor Mengele". The main character replies: "Ay?" and the assistant says: "Zhey are twinz". Yeah, Third Reich humour there.

Poem #357: Nordic Bliss Without Penguins

- I travelled many miles on dreaded public transport from a much loved s.o.

- My journey lasted for too many hours
(I'm exaggerating for poetic purposes here as 'tis was an hour only, but hey, sixty minutes is sixty minutes and you could easily find yourself having a bitch of a time if members of the last forgotten SS commando troop were pulling your fingernails off or you were trapped under smelly bottoms of Norwegian trolls for sixty minutes).

- And a mere three minute walk away from my fake work I get a text from supervisor guy (who isn't fake at all) "Dead quiet here, take day off why don't you".

- So here I am with a couple of thebirkes and a frøsnapper, 70's blaxploitation from Marvel and sweeet toones on the stereo (Kaizer's Orchestra).

Hey, Nordic bliss (without penguins).

I first posted the above on Facie the other day but I thought you should have a chance to read it as well, oh you, my trusted and faithful blog reader.