Friday, September 18, 2009

The neue RAMMSTEIN Video is here!

Zum Teufel, hör Mal Kumpels, das neue Video von Rammstein ist dar und... it's, eh, slightly more raunchy than usually. xD Unfortunately I can't embed it but you can watch it here. And if you're like 10 yrs old or something you might wanna wait till your mum's out of the house and just listen to the music in this YouTube version instead until then:

Edit: mein gott, I hate copyrights!!! YouTube decided I shouldn't be able to watch the music-only version because I'm in a certain country!! But, I AM allowed to listen to the very same music if I choose this other version also on YouTube. Go figure. However, needless to say it's a censored version so use the link if you wanna watch the real version.