Friday, February 27, 2009

Not quite Robert. But still.

Darkness ruled in the early 80s and "my" bands were bands like Siouxsie & the Banshees, Xmal Deutschland, and, of course, The Cure. And because of the latter I can't help feel a little soft spotty in the heart because of this:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't Wake The Dead

I just did a little YouToobe-ing and, mein gott!!, there's a new Andreas Schnaas movie!!! It may still be lowbudget but it's certainly a far cry from the first VIOLENT SHIT not to mention ZOMBIE '90, LOL.

Viooooleenntttt shiiiiit

Yes, yes, yes!!! Zee mailman brought to me one of zee most vanted video tapes today!!! That's right, buddy, I got Andreas Schnaas' German splatter flick VIOLENT SHIT 2 (aka Violent Shit II: Mother Hold My Hand) all the way from Suomi (Finland)!! MOHAHAHA (evil laughter by sane individual seconds before he disappears into the world of insane German underground splatter! LOL). This is also out as part of an OOP dvd set (VS 1-3) but that set is un-subbed. This old-skool vhs is subtitled in the Queen's English. Ahh, happy day.
[click scan for bigger size]

Here's a short docu on Schnaas' films (all in the Queen's German):

VIOLENT SHIT 2 Japanese trailer:
["Viorent Shit", haha]


VIOLENT SHIT 3 trailer:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Barry Prima's Bloody Vengeance iz in da house

I finally succeeded in winning a copy of BLOODY VENGEANCE!!! Faaantastic! This is the Barry Prima revenge flick that fans of Indonesian films who are cool and namedrop Mondo Macabro titles don't know dick about, haha. THERE IS NO DVD RELEASE! It's only out on old-school vhs in Greece and might I ad a very scarce vhs release! I've lost it once before and have actually bought a bootleg dvd cos I never thought I'd ever manage to find it again (let alone win it)... but here it is!!! (well, actually it's still with the seller, LOL).

Impossible Woman (1983)

I just found this credit sequence + intro scene from the Taiwan movie IMPOSSIBLE WOMAN (aka The Ninja Avenger / Ninja Apocalypse) from 1983. Check it out, it's pretty awesome. If the rest of the flick is just as good I'm definitely sold!!

It stars Elsa Yeung who's been in tons of movies, not least GOLDEN QUEENS COMMANDO and its sequel PINK FORCE COMMANDO (and Bruce, Kung Fu Girls which I just saw).
More credit info here.

UPDATE, Feb. 26th:

Ahh, what I didn't tell you in the above is that I initially checked out IMPOSSIBLE WOMAN on YouTube because Bill Barounis had the Greek VHS up for auction on eBay but obviously I didn't wanna turn everybody's attention to the auction since I SO did not want any competition, haha. And yesterday (almost without any competition) I did indeed win the tape, so woo-hoo!!! I haven't been able to find any info on other Mandarin language, English subtitled versions (and yes; it has Greek subs as well) so that makes it even more exciting. There is (I think) a UK vhs but it's dubbed into English.

[PS: The back of the Greek cover lists the English title as Impossible Women (plural) but it's a mistake and SHOULD be Impossible Woman]

Monday, February 16, 2009


It's been a bit quiet in the RAMBU camp here lately so I thought I'd better give you TWO pieces of exiting RAMBU news!! Firstly, the Peter O'Brian interview is done! Yep, though not by Ian and I but by the OTHER fanatical RAMBU fanatics (LOL) from Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention the interview is ONLINE!!! So why don't you just get hold of a big cop of coffee and settle down (it's a pretty long interview). Big congrats to the guys!

You'll find the INTERVIEW right here.

They've also recently added a store where you can buy bootleg versions of some of the Peter O'Brian films which is cool but unfortunately they've forgotten to include any info what so ever on the versions they're selling! For instance, is THE INTRUDER the letterboxed version or an ugly fullscreen print. Is it (shock, horror) the heavily cut UK version? And the other O'Brian films; which versions are they?

Interestingly enough, it's mentioned that they don't sell THE STABILIZER and TRIPLE CROSS because they are available elsewhere. THE STABILIZER is sure enough released on dvd in the US by Troma but you should avoid that AWFULL Troma dvd at all costs!! Somehow the dimwits didn't even notice that their dvd print totally fucks up towards the end of the film. It's pretty much unwatchable and definitely very inferior to the Japanese vhs!! Anyway, I wish the guys luck with their site but they ought to consider putting a bit of info on their page in regards to which versions they're selling. I have no idea where TRIPLE CROSS is available. To the best of my knowledge it's never been released anywhere on dvd but is only available on OOP vhs (and DON'T get the US release as it's both heavily cut and re-dubbed!!).

By the way; Our friends at Trash-online in downtown Greece are selling a REMASTERED, uncut print of LETHAL HUNTER!!!

And there's more; Spannick from Asian Dvd Guide forum has just posted a trailer for an UNRELEASED Peter O'Brian film from 1989 entitled TIME GAME!!! It's indeed not released anywhere!!! Check the trailer here:

Yep, it looks like a DIE HARD rip-off (nothing wrong with that, LOL)!! Whether some company is gonna release this or not is of course up in the air but I'm certainly crossing my fingers!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Latest in mondo news

Mondo Macabro have just opened a "Cult Movie TV" site. So far you can watch a spiffy two part collection of wild Lollywood movies entitled LOLLYWOOD MOVIE MADNESS. There's also the beginning of VEERANA which as I've mentioned earlier is on the upcoming Bollywood dvd with Ramsay bros horror! Pretty cool stuff. And finally there's a cool interview with Mel Welles (who was in tons of psychotronic movies like Attack of the Crab Monsters, and The Little Shop of Horrors). You'll find the site right here.

Here's a trailer for PURANI HAVELI (the other film on the Bollywood vol.2 dvd):

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mitr Chaibancha, Fred's film, Kwai's blog, and Thai cinema in general

On October 8, 1970, at Dongtan Beach, Jomtien, Pattaya, movie star Mitr Chaibancha was filming the final stunt for his latest film, Golden Eagle (Insee Thong).

He grabbed onto the rope ladder of a helicopter, and was borne off into the sunset, with the aircraft climbing higher and higher as the action star dangled. He lost his grip and fell to the ground.

He was 36 years old. Thailand's most iconic star, he starred in a staggering 266 movies from 1956 to 1970, many of them with his doe-eyed onscreen sweetheart Petchara Chaowarat. There's a shrine to Mitr in Jomtien.

[the above quotation is borrowed from Wise Kwai and I recommend you read the rest here]

Some months ago Fred posted a short documentary film he'd made about the Thai superstar Mitr Chaibancha over on his blog. Now, a couple of years ago I read a special edition of Asian Trash Cinema on Thai action and horror movies but altho I've since then tried to keep up with Thai horror I'm by no means an expert and I must admit I knew nothing about Mitr Chaibancha until I watched Fred's film (which he won a spiffy prize for on Swedish television, btw). So have a look at Fred's film, it's in the language of the old Vikings but even if you don't capisce it all you'll get an idea of who he was (and you can get all the info you need by reading the rest of the article I linked to in the above).

By the way, the above link is to the mothership of all blogs on Thai cinema; "Wise Kwai's Thai Film Journal". I'll advise you spend a few hours there if you wanna know anything about Thai films. The blog is in English and done by a Western (American I think) journo who lives in Thailand. It's a very informative and well written blog.

And talking about Thai films; If you've ever tried to figure out what's out on dvd and vcd in Thailand and what's not you have most likely discovered it's a JUNGLE out there!! Almost impossible to figure out what's released, what's not released, and what's OOP and not!! Well, on Wise Kwai's blog I found a link to another blog (of yet another English speaking Westerner living there) who's actually compiled a list of classic (pre 1970) films that are on Thai dvds subtitled in English (unfortunately most Thai dvds have no English option).

You'll find the list here.

By the way, I'm by no means being rude here in not mentioning who any of these Anglo Thai blog people are but I guess they're shy people as none of them actually reveal their identities. LOL.

Here's Fred's film:

[PS: remember to switch the sound off on this blog's jukebox which you'll find at the bottom of this page! Yeah, what a fucken hassle, LOL]

And here's a trailer for Mitr Chaibancha's last film Golden Eagle (Insee Thong) (I'm not sure the music was supposed to cover the dialogue but it's the only trailer I could find):

Golden Eagle is one of the films that are now out on English subbed Thai dvd.

Mere spas med WebAvisen

[more nonsense in Greek! Sorry!!]

Man husker mit indlæg fra forleden (ellers kig her). Det lader stadig ikke til, at WebAvisen har fået råd til en Retskrivningsordbog, LOL. Check her, hvor man grotesk nok bringer artiklen "Undervisninsminister staver elendigt" (nej, det er ikke en and! Undervisningsminister uden G)

Nine o'clock news

Finally a proper news program. :-)

Unfortunately the embedded clip isn't working but you can watch it here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The return of Weng

Gee, gosh, golly! Wonders do happen in Cyberspace; after three complaints from Andrew Blogspot/Blogger decided to let him have his blog back!! So here it is again: "The Search For Weng Weng". Congrats! (and good for us!!)

Monday, February 9, 2009

New links & shit

Check out the bar to the right on this page. I've added some links to fave sites, blogs, and good folks who link to me. Obviously, I don't advise you leave this blog to read theirs before you're thru with everything here, LOL.

NB: Do notice that I have a link to Mondo Macabro's old UK site which nobody else (let alone MM themselves) link to!!! There you can check info on their old PAL releases.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

No more Weng Weng (blog)

If you go to Andrew Leavold's "The Search For Weng Weng" blog you'll find it isn't there anymore. The fuckfaces that are decided it was, get this, SPAM!! And deleted it! So no more Weng Weng blog. I did a Google search to find an old ghost version of the blog to save but it seems they've somehow managed to delete the old versions as well. Boo-hoo. All that info gone forever.

Ahh, the good old days


Recently, I won a copy of Hugh Gallagher's underground splatter flick GORE WHORE from 1994 on eBay. Unfortunately, it's quite rare and even more unfortunate is the fact that mr. Gallagher hasn't understood the importance in re-releasing this, ahm, charming independent production on one of those shiny little disks. Anyway, after having searched high and low for a copy for quite a while I finally found it at an auction a couple of weeks back and was able to watch it last night. And, whoah, it was totally like being back in the old splatter flick days of the late 80s, early 90s!

A scientist hires a lowlife private dick to find some chick who stole one of his formulas. The looser PI discovers the thieving chick isn't just capable of nicking secret formulas she's also a vampire hooker!! Haha, no shit. GORE WHORE is kinda a low budget (veeery low budget) relative of RE-ANIMATOR. Not only do the dead come back to life in the midst of bucket-fulls of gore, they're also brought back by using the old tried and well known green gooey stuff! However, in contradiction to RE-ANIMATOR it's just not injected in the same, ahm, way. The vampire hooker injects herself by using a big syringe DILDO!! Haha. Oh, and everyone else gets it up the ass. LOL x 10.

GORE WHORE is Hugh Gallagher's final film in his splatter trilogy; The other two being GOROTICA (1993) and GOREGASM (1990), and because I'm a fan of these amateur productions needless to say I was ENTERTAINED aplenty! These little flicks made by splatter movie fans in their backyard (or their mum's backyard) were nothing like the "real" films but they sure are fun to watch. And you don't need to ask; Yes, I also love films like VIOLENT SHIT 3 and stuff like NEKROMANTIK, THEY DON'T CUT THE GRASS ANYMORE, and the PLAGA ZOMBIE movies.

If you Google for reviews of these films you'll find a 100 so-called horror review sites that shits all over them. I really don't get it, these so-called "fans" are more fans of EXPENSIVE horror movies than they're true horror movie fans. I mean it's like they're too gone on everything having to be fucken WELL PRODUCED than it has to be FUN! These films were made by fans who had no money and thus often had budgets of around 20 dollars. But to me that don't matter none! What matters is whether they're fun to watch or not. GORE WHORE contains gore, gooey dildos, cool music, and nudity. What's not to like! Oh, and D'Lana Tunnell (hubba hubba) is in it as well. She was also in the AMAZING film SORE LOSERS that had Jack Oblivian (of the cool garage band The Oblivians) in it (as a rockabilly cat from the 50s who is sent to present day USA in his car to kill some guy!!) along with the way coolest band ever; Guitar Wolf!

Yeah sure the sound is muffled and the picture grainy and the video tape looks like the director re-used some old ex-rental tapes he got from a porn store to shoot on but quite frankly I don't give a toss. If you have the slightest interest in old-skool splatter films go ahead and see if you can find GORE WHORE. You're not likely to stumble over an original tape but there's bootlegs out there. Unfortunately, I still haven't got hold of GOROTICA but I'm sure I'll get it some day. If you look long enough you'll find everything.

So what happened with the director I hear ya ask. Well, he went off and started Draculina Publishing (that among other things publish the girlie horror mag "Draculina") and runs a mag/book eStore. I wrote to him last year and tried to get him to help me find these films but, well, I guess he doesn't give a fuck about them these days cos despite having sent him three emails (to a working address) he never bothered sending me an answer. Oh well, I found GORE WHORE anyway but it's a pity some people turn their back on their own past none-the-less. Oh well.

:-O :-O :-O

Check this out!!!

At a theatre near you soon (in some other dimension).

Friday, February 6, 2009

WebAvisen censurerer bort Jack J

[apologies to my international readers for this outburst in the lingo of the old Norsemen]

Hahaha, den er sgu go' nok! Jeg har i dag oplevet den store ære at blive udsat for censur fra Internet-avisen!!

I går skrev en anonym "journalist" (and I use the term loosely) en dødsannonce over Lux Interiors død og startede med sætningen: "Han ked af en hjertesygdom og sov ind på et hospital i Glendale, Californien, i går". Han "KED"??? Bedre blev det ikke senere, hvor der var flere grove fejl af både retskrivningsmæssig, grammatisk, og faktuel karakter (bl.a. påstod skribenten, at der er udsendt et Cramps-album med titlen: "Live at Napa State Mental Hospital", hvilket jo er en direkte løgn).

WebAvisen tilbyder, at læserne kan kommentere artiklerne, så jeg påpegede fejlene og tilføjede ikke overraskende, at jeg ikke håbede, at de aflønnede deres korrekturlæser med andet end et par bananer, haha.

Well, hos WebAvisen har man altså tilsyneladende hverken HUMOR eller FAGLIG STOLTHED, for ikke alene er mit indlæg nu pist borte, men man har sågar ladet de grelle fejl få lov at stå (man kunne måske spekulere i, at et indlæg kun ville få lov til at stå i en enkelt dag og det var derfor, at det nu er væk og ikke pga. censur, men her skal lige tilføjes, at andre indlæg fra dagene før har fået lov at stå urørte hen).

En af de fordele, som net-udgivelser har fremfor det trykte medie, er ellers, at man netop kan gå ind og rette fejl og mangler med det samme uden at skulle vente på et dyrt genoptryk eller lade dem stå til evig tid.

Oh well, hos WebAvisen vil man tilsyneladende heller, at de ansatte fremstår som journalister med diplom fra Zoologisk Have fremfor Journalisthøjskolen, end man vil tage kritikken til sig og få fejlene rettet. Og at avisen samtidig kommer til at fremstå som en bedre Sovjet-avis med en finger evigt plantet oven på censur-knappen gør tilsyneladende heller ikke noget. Hvor sørgeligt.

WebAvisens dødsannonce over Lux Interior kan læses her.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It still hasn't sunk in.

Lux Interior dies

I just learnt that Lux Interior of one of my all time favourite bands THE CRAMPS has died!!! This is completely awful and devastating news!!! For fuck's sake!!!

There is an official statement here.