Saturday, November 14, 2009

A boring night at the office.

I know, I know, you're gonna wanna hang out with me cos I'm now the owner of these two AWESOME and mega rare tapes but, sorry no can do, you're on your own buddy. Haha.

Here's the mega über rare ntsc vhs release of THE WARRIOR AND THE NINJA on the "All American" label!!!

(click scan for proper size)

Ahhhh, finally coming home to daddy!!! The über mega overly rare release of THE RAPE AFTER on vhs from Hong Kong. In contradiction to the NOT SO RARE Japanese vhs this is subtitled in English. From someone unknown to Pete in Holland to Lars in Sweden and via Scott in Australia and, now, finally, on its way to yours truly!!! Now, gimme a WOO-WOO! xD xD xD

Friday the 13th

As you know Friday the 13th is a public holiday for horror movie fans and watching at least one horror movie on the day is COMPULSORY in celebrating the day. xD.
My film tonight was the amazing and very spooky Norwegian horror film DE DØDES TJERN (aka Lake of the Dead) from 1958. As regular readers will know (cos I've talked about it endlessly) it was released recently on a spiffy English subbed DVD. Read more here.

PS: Welcome to the latest subber, Lord_Garvals Khalikov.