Friday, February 12, 2010

Killers on Wheels trailer (HK, 1976)

KILLER ON WHEELS is finally available to the home market uncut and with its original audio for the first time ever!!! The bitch in Hell is it's only available as a video on demand release in France. To French people with French credit cards ONLY. :o(

The film is direced by Kuei Chi Hung who also did some of the most entertaining and truly awesome HK films such as BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS, BOXER'S OMEN, HEX, CORPSE MANIA, BEWITCHED, CRIMINALS 3 (the "Arson" episode), THE KILLER SNAKES, etc. And in the words of Cinehound member Spannick (who also made and uploaded the trailer) the film is "one sleazy, violent Biker Movie from HK, where Danny Lee and his Friends are terrorized and forced to fight back - the hard way!"

Why can't they just release it on DVD!! Boo-hoo!!!