Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aenigma! #2

(Not published yet!)

Here's the cover for the next issue of AENIGMA! Nigel says it'll probably come out in about two week's time or so. And yes, that is indeed Danish Bodil Joensen on the cover. The ish will have an article on her (if you don't know her do a google, there are Wiki pages in English and Danish) and obviously some other stuff that I don't know about (duh!). Bodil Joensen was known in Denmark as "Ornepigen Bodil" [Bodil the Pig Girl]. With THE CRAMPS added song title on the cover I'm sure you get the idea.

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Battle of the Wonder Women

I bought Something Weird video's dvdr release of the Filipino/US film WONDER WOMEN (1973) and wrote about it in February 2011. Bruce Holecheck commented that Code Red were going to give the film a proper release on dvd and blu-ray.

I quite like the film and have been waiting impatiently for Bill Olsen to get his finger out his arse and release this cool Filipino film (along with the wild Filipino/US production RAW FORCE which Code Red also announced many, many moons ago!). Then about a month ago, Bill Olsen posted on his blog that Code Red were going to chuck everything else aside because they (i.e. he) were going to concentrate only on the WONDER WOMEN release! And the reason? Apparently another video label in the US, Fred Olen Ray's Retromedia, were also planning to release the film!

I've been trying to follow this confusing mess on Facebook and where ever else in Cyberspace there's been news about it, and it appears that both labels somehow have gained copyrights for the film! So as of right now, it seems we can expect a dvd release of WONDER WOMEN from both Retromedia and Code Red! The cover posted here is for the Retromedia release. I haven't seen a cover for the Code Red dvd yet. I must admit Retromedia's cover looks pretty fucken awesome! The extras sound great too:

16x9 35mm HD transfer
Commentary Track by director Bob O'Neil
Super 8mm Home Movies behind the scenes in Manila
Radio Spots
TV Spots
Theatrical Trailer
European scenes missing from US theatrical
and more...

The only Code Red extras that I'm aware of is the commentary track that was mentioned on their blog and which features director O'Neil with Nathaniel Thompson (it's a different track than the one for the Retromedia dvd).

Here are some screen grabs from the SWV dvdr: