Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Drool away. Again. This time with correct info even.

I posted a couple of rare Danish cover scans here of which one of them was LEMORA: A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL (aka Lemora, Lady Dracula). I remember Cinehound member Diabolik (aka Hans-Jørn) telling me his tape was the only known copy so obviously that's what I wrote. How was I supposed to know HE HAD ANOTHER RELEASE AS WELL!!! Argh, haha. And obviously THAT release is the one that only exists in one copy. Well, one copy known to collectors that is. Who knows what'll turn up one day.

I remember back when old hardcore collector Henrik Ibsen owned what was believed to be the only copy of the Danish tape for MAD FOXES (Rockerne og discodrengen). Then about five years ago two friends and I found around TEN copies of the tape in some boxes at a second hand store!!

Anyway, altho the edition with the yellow cover might not be the only version known to man it's still very rare. I for one have never come across it. Thanks for this rare scan and the correct info, Hans-Jørn.

PS: Also thanks for the info on THE LOVE BUTCHER, HJ (i.e. that it's the longest copy there is, even longer than the Dutch). You got that info from an old BD, right?

PS.PS. - And you definitely ought to check out Hans-Jørn's museum for Danish ex-rental releases of Italian genre films; go here.

Jack J's "Banned in Britain" free download

EDIT: Unfortunately, the upload isn't working at the moment!!! Sorry, but I can't fix it as I'm not the uploader!!

Thanks to Cinehound member Jazel I can now offer you issue #2 of my own zine Banned in Britain!! This issue came out in 2004 and everyone is still awaiting the arrival of issue 3 (or maybe they've all forgotten about it, haha). Anyway, you can download it here. If you don't have a program to view it with you can download a free one here [edit: not anylonger. See note at the bottom of this post]. Although it should be self-explanatory lemme just point out that this is obviously a totally legit download since it is my publication and I own the copyrights. You can share it as much as you want, just don't make a profit on it. Enjoy!

EDIT: The page I linked to where you can download the file reader has been deleted so you'll have to find it somewhere else. But it's not hard; Just make a Google search for the program which is called "CDisplay" and you'll find several places to download it from for free.

Lunchmeat #3

There aren't too many horror movie fanzines left so it's cool to see a new one! This is Lunchmeat from the US. Unfortunately the first two issues are already sold out but issue #3 just came out about a month ago. I've seen a copy of #2 and it looks totally rad! I can't wait to get this.

Lunchmeat #3 is available here. 10 bucks outside of the US.