Saturday, May 9, 2009

When the surreal becomes... surreal-er

Once in a blue moon I do a Google for this blog and tonight I stumbled over another blog that apparently collects all kinds of stolen bits from other blogs. However, it's like my text got possessed and come out with its head spinning, haha. Check it out and compare with the source material in the bar to the right of this page:

The essentially nickname is my genuine ‘Greek’ jargon nickname on the side of this blog. I tried with a facts of English titles but they con feeble so I irrefutable to snatch care of the genuine nickname imperturbable while most of you won’t covenant it. But, hey, it’ll span an unnamed zip to it! English translated titles could fasten been: A hitman looks embryonic, Diary of a hitman, Memoirs of a hitman, or as mentioned in the above; Reflections of a hitman.
Andy with half of Sods (Denmark’s blue ribbon mug band).

Go forwards and eye the essentially rare trailer on the side of what seems to be a barmy Filipino glide model flick personification reveal b back out entitled “Bruka, Queen of Evil”. Watch the trailer and WEEP like a Japanese school-girl cos the trailer is all you’re gonna be noised abroad.