Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another World Entertainment to release exclusive BRUNO MATTEI booklet by fave cult writer!

From Reuters (Saturday):


News in this morning confirm speculations that DVD & blu-ray publisher Another World Entertainment (Denmark) have signed a deal with renowned underground cult personality Jack J of "En Lejemorder Ser Tilbage" blog and "Stay Sick!" fanzine fame for an extraordinary release entitled "Hell of the Living Dead Booklet". A release critics quickly have labeled "Most likely the most important release of 2010".

Another World Entertainment (AWE) will shortly be releasing the Jack J penned mammoth coffee table booklet on Italian master film director Bruno Mattei; a director who is widely recognised by film aficionados and academics alike for his cinematic classics such as SS GIRLS, THE OTHER HELL, ZOMBI 3, HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD and not least his ground breaking masterpiece CRUEL JAWS.

It seems surreal that no major reference book has been published previously but according to AWE part owner and founder, mr Jan Schmidt, the answer is most likely that only few film critics would have dared to put themselves on the line; As mr. Schmidt puts it: "One wrong word about Bruno Mattei and you would have an angry mob on your hands. Thousands of furious Mattei fans ready to tar and feather you."

To the question why he and AWE would risk their necks with this release:

Mr Schmidt: "Well, we knew very well mr Jensen [aka Jack J, Reuters] could pull this off in a grand way. In fact we are convinced he's the ONLY writer who could do this."

A limited edition of the booklet will contain one of maestro Mattei's films; HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD. We asked mr Schmidt why they have chosen to include a DVD with mr J's awesome booklet.

Mr Schmidt: "Well, it's not that we didn't think people would pay $20 for a four page booklet. We are confident most fans would, it's written by Jack J for Christ's sakes! But we just thought it was something the fans would appreciate".

Will you be working with mr J again?

Mr Schmidt: "Haha, you don't throw away a golden goose, now do you! We certainly hope mr J would wish to work with us again. Why would we want to work with anybody else! We've previously tried other writers and they all fall flat in comparison".

Some alleged rumours hint that mr J likes to take his time with his material?

Mr Schmidt: "That may be, but it's certainly not something we view as a problem. We fully understand that different rules apply when you're dealing with an acclaimed underground writer like mr J. We just hope he'll work with us again."

HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD is in stores this coming week.

Reuters (London office)