Thursday, September 30, 2010

R.I.P. Tony :-(

"Dannnieel" as only Brett Sinclair could say it. When we talked about The Persuaders my mum would always do an impersonation of Roger Moore's character on the show. And now he's gone. Daniel that is, or rather his alter ego, Tony Curtis. He was 85.

I still vividly remember that night in 1970 when I got out of bed, went into the lounge-room and found my dad and my uncle in front of the TV as the very first episode of The Persuaders (or De Uheldige Helte as it's known here) was about to begin. As a kid I wanted to be "the persuaders" when I grew up. Or rather, I wanted to be Danny! And now he's gone. RIP Tony. :-(

PS: Watch the into + end credits here. Unfortunately, I can't embed that video here.