Friday, November 18, 2011

The Model

My... gawd! This is now my favourite fan made video. Pure perfection!! BIG BLACK's rendition of that ol'e Kraftwerk fave added to this old 3 minute amateur film, MALIBU MERMAID, from the 1950s starring an unknown model (Adele Doleman) is just spitzenklasse!

The footage is slightly censored but you can watch the uncensored complete film here (but without the cool music).

Upcoming SANTIAGO films have a release date

As I've mentioned here before the next DVD set from SHOUT! FACTORY to contain Filipino co-productions is Lethal Ladies vol. 2 which is going to contain FLY ME and COVER GIRL MODELS. Both films are directed by Cirio H. Santiago and now there's a release date: January the 24th!

Like I've said earlier it's VERY exciting that we're getting FLY ME as it's never before been released on DVD and the scarce video releases (only TWO afaik; one in the US and one in the UK, incidentally the latter a double feature with COVER GIRL MODELS) are both as rare as had they vanished off the face of the Earth!

The set will also include the movie THE ARENA which isn't from the Philippines at all but it stars babatious Pam Grier (who were in some very cool Filipino flicks!) so that's not bad at all. xD