Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two minutes

- or twe minuten as we say in Dutch, haha I'm so funny, ohh my head hruts. Lissen i'm sorry mates, friends, foes , enemies, whathaveyou, but i'm sick and have been bedwritten for a couple days and this is my only two minutes online and on my computer in the last few days and it'll probly gonna be the only two min. in days to come too. My heAAD HURTS and my eyes water, did i meniton my head hurts and i feel dizzy. i you're someone who expects an answer or reply to something you'll have to wait, i'øm terribly sorry. if your someone who awaits stuff form me just be paitent.. patient and you'll get your stuff. i haven't enen looked at my inbox and am not going to go so. sorry. didd i mention mhy head hurts and im sick. pu-ha!! Satan og helvede! happy newyaer, im not even sure if it's been or not. what year is this anyway. Alright that's it im off again. in th words of patick whatshisface form that series whatwasitcalled "be seeing you".

NB and on top of thsis the fucking blogger gives me owewoiroiew problems!!!!!! but it seem to finally ahve posted thsi now!!!