Friday, July 12, 2019

REATARDS - teenage hate

Last time I ordered records from Tim Warren's CRYPT Records was 8 years ago! (and as I've mentioned the past ten posts or so) My record player broke down years ago and but I've finally got a new one (second hand but good condition). First thing I did was to check out and order a pile of platters at CRYPT's way cool online shop, stuff that I wanted way back but just never got hold of. Yesterday, I recived 10 (!!!) albums (LP + 1 cd) (good thing records these days are way cheaper than back in the 80s!). Here's one of them, REATARDS (sic) and their debut LP, "Teenage Hate". It's a reprint which includes an extra record. If you're into garage punk you'll most likely to be well aware of Jay Reatard's his band Reatards but it's just one of those bands I never got around to getting hold of back in the day. I'm playing the album for the second time now and it's awesome!

Btw, if you're an old garage rock fan who (like me) fell outta the loop and wonder what became of Tim Warren; no need to worry, according to this quite new interview he's still at it!