Sunday, April 8, 2012

Repo Man (Alex Cox, USA, 1984)

I've just re-watched REPO MAN which I hadn't seen properly for almost 25 years! (I did get hold of a fullscreen VHS dupe from Finland thru tape-trading in the early 90s but I think I only watched it very late one night and I fell asleep half way thru and never re-watched the tape I don't think). Initially, I watched it at an all-nighter at the old Scala Cinema Club in London in the late summer of 1988; If memory serves me well the all-nighter was entitled "Punk all night" and one of the other films was STRAIGHT TO HELL (also by Alex Cox) and I think SID & NANCY was shown too, and a fourth movie which I don't remember at all. Hmmm, no wait a minute... actually I do remember! It was DOGS IN SPACE, haha. I haven't actually re-watched any of those. I went with my friends Michelle G. and John Dodson - a big Aussie bloke who had died three times of drug overdoses and had just got out of a Spanish jail when I met him. The last time I saw him he left the UK in a hurry cos the tax authorities where getting on to him. Who was the last one there? Hmmm, memory is faint here. I think it was a Kiwi girl called Caileen. Haha. Anyway, I got hold of the reg. 1 dvd, the one that says is the best release of the film. And I must admit I thought REPO MAN was every bit as WEIRD and WONDERFUL as when I saw it almost 25 years ago. Alex Cox ought to pull his shit together and make some more films!