Monday, December 21, 2009

"If I had to fuck a guy, I mean if I haaad to fuck a guy..."

...I'd fuck Johnnie To!
As a thank you for making all those brilliant, brilliant movies! Here's his latest one, or one of them anyway (he's putting them out faster than... something really fast). This cat's making TWO films a year while Hollywood directors put out 2-3 films per decade!! And that's not even counting the films he only produces!

Anyway, his new one is VENGEANCE and it's already out on DVD in Hong Kong. Needless to say he's got everyone's favourite loonatic actors Anthony Wong and Simon Yam in it and thank fuck for that! It also stars some French guy called Johnny Hallyday but Hongkong people like me don't know about these gwilo guys. I read somewhere he's a famous rock singer in France. Btw, interestingly enough, someone from Singapore mentioned in his IMDb review that he was happy the film was filmed in a mix of Cantonese and English. It seems films fully in Cantonese can't be shown undubbed (into Mandarin) in Singapore due to Singapore's censorship regulations. Wauw! Talk about censorship.

NB: The headline quotation is of course from TRUE ROMANCE but you knew that didn't you.