Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Back in '84 my cousin Ronny rented QUERUAK (aka Hands of Steel) on Betamax video and made copies for the both of us. I still have that betamax copy somewhere. I even cut out a picture of the video cover from a newspaper and glued on the box. Ahh, such happy moments, haha. I must have watched that film... well many times. A couple of years ago I got hold of the original locally released video tape (on vhs though!) but now... NOW... as of today... I'm also the happy happy owner of the Japanese vhs release which you can see here:


So why a new vhs you ask; well, unfortunately QUERUAK hasn't been granted a proper dvd release yet and obviously I wanted to watch it in the best possible way; hence the Japanese vhs! It's letterboxed, folks! And video tapes from the land of the rising sun mostly have a supiour picture quality to all other video releases. That's why! As I hinted at, the film is out on dvd but in one of those dvd packs from Brentwood and I'm certain it's one of those fullscreen versions with vhs picture quality - and often that doesn't refer to Japanese vhs quality!
Hmm, I know, I know, you're wondering: "that's fine and all but why write a blog entry about a bloody video purchase!" Well, my friend, cos it's my blog, that's why! LOL x 10.