Thursday, November 5, 2009


I... am... getting... THIS!!!


This is the single best movie ever made. E-V-E-R!!! In the history of film making!!!

This is one of the RAREST tapes around!! It doesn't exist ANYWHERE!! Almost NOBODY has it!!! It's like a LEGEND!!! It does exist on dvd but only on a westernised and heavily cut German DVD!!! This is the ONLY uncut version!!! It runs 5 hours longer than the DVD!!! Yes, I'm exaggerating heavily now but, arrgghh!!! Flpff pff pff pff mouth won't work.....

This is how rare it is:
Cinehound member goblin:
this comes close to being my fave film!!!! in 10 years of searching ive never found one

Big thank-you's go out to Romps and Member-X of Cinehound!!!

Read Fred Anderson's review of the film here and Günter Müller's ditto here.