Friday, September 30, 2011

I can't even think of a headline...

It saddens me deeply to forward this: Turkish film director Kunt Tulgar has been to see BILL BAROUNIS (aka Vassilis) in hospital in Greece and according to Turkish film journalist Ali Murat Guven he said:

"Unfortunately Vassilis is dying step by step. He was sleeping deeply."

I'm still hoping for a miracle. :-(

Here's Ali Murat Guven's email in full. It was posted on Cinehound forum today (Friday):

"Dear friend Miltos,

Mr. Kunt Tulgar just arrived to Athens today early in the morning and he didn't want to disturb to you, directly went to the clinic.

He saw Vassilis, Julia and Vassilis' parents. He spent a few times at the hospital and gave Vassilis' honorary prize from Ankara Fantastic Film Festival to Julia.

They called me from the hospital, both of them were so sad. Tulgar said 'Unfortunately Vassilis is dying step by step. He was sleeping deeply. I kissed him and whispered to his ear 'As the Turkish filmmakers, journalists, film fans, we will never forget you and your efforts for us dear Greek brother'.

It was a very tragic moment for me. Kunt and me were crying on the phone.

Mr. Tulgar will return to Turkey on Friday.

I thank you for your friendly informations and helps. We really will never forget our Greek brother and from now on, we will remember him in every fantastic film festivals in Turkey.

Unfortunately, I could only have done this for him. I go on praying for my lovely friend.



You can read the original posting (including Miltos' comments) here.

Like Kurt said, wish you were here now, Bill. :(