Thursday, November 3, 2011

Better than the real thing

I bought "The Whitey Album" on CD yesterday and it's thee best SONIC YOUTH record ever. And it's not even a "real" Sonic Youth platter but by CICCONE YOUTH, haha. Why the members of SONIC YOUTH released this LP under the alias instead of putting it out under their real band name I have no idea. I remember reading back then that they felt the music was too different to be on a regular SONIC YOUTH record. Listening to it now - almost 25 years later - I actually think it fits the SONIC YOUTH mould in every respect! (but of course the person who wrote that was probably talking out his arse. Who knows why they decided to use the alternative name (probably because THAT in itself was very Sonic Youth'ian!). xD

PS: watch the video! Es muy magnificento!!