Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Too knackered to come up with a prper headline (or even spell correctly)

I haven't updated for a few days, or a week or whatever. The Nazis at the job centre have decided I should spend my days (while being on the dole) by working at some furniture plant. I'm so knackered when I come home I can't even switch on the bloody computer. Last night I fell asleep in the middle of HENRY!! Sorry to everyone who's waiting for a reply from me, a PM, email, or films/scans/money/whatever that I've promised them. I WILL get there but bear with me (or don't) but it may not be till next week before I get the time/energy for it. I'm just floored! I'm so tired I could sleep for a 1000 years.

But if nothing else I won LADY RAMBOH!! (an auction I'd totally forgotten all about!!).

Seller's description:

LADY RAMBOH (1991) Ippei Suzuki Sexily RARE JAPAN VHS
The woman that the younger sister was killed by the organization begins revenging in the jungle in the Philippines. Battle action developed in jungle in the Philippines.
Director: Ippei Suzuki
Stars: Mio Takaki,Kenji Imai,Tomu Saeba,Harumi Kai,Mika Yoshikawa
80 Minutes
Japanese voice
Condition : Used