Thursday, April 14, 2011

Responsible... Moi??

Altho I'm very much against censorship I do understand that gore (even fake latex stuff and stage blood) isn't everyone's cup of tea (not least considering the previous cannibal post) and there are 5 year old kids surfing the net as well (because they've got irresponsible parents) so I guess I'll have to ask to see some id at door from now on (flashing boobs will get you in tho).

Needless to say the image was created by Member-X.

Screen grabs from the Czech CANNIBALS: LEGEND OR REALITY dvd

Woo-hoo! I've just got an email from the nice people at the Czech store where I ordered the film saying they've shipped it now. Fantastic!! I was afraid they might not have it in stock. When I ordered the last DVD (Mattei's The Jail) from (another) Czech shop it took two months before I got it because they had to back order it from the publisher (funnily enough their website didn't mention any of this when I placed the order!). Well, this is certainly cool news.

I found some screen grabs on a Czech film site and I'm posting all of them here + credits info. You'll find the original page (with a long plot description in Czech) here.

Original title : Cannibals, Legend Or Reality
Author comment : Bruno Mattei
Advisor : Daniele Di Stasiu
Anthropological advisor : Pierluigi Tentori
Production : Diamonds International Film Production, La Perla Nera
Producer : Gianni Paolucci
Editor : Daniel Campello
Music : Beat Records
Technical Director : David Hunt (aka Bruno Mattei)