Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Opstandelsen - new Danish zombie movie

I posted a teaser for the Danish zombie flick OPSTANDELSEN a little while back and now there's a full trailer and an interview with the director of the movie, Casper Haugegaard. Check it out. It's all got English subs (which interestingly enough are pretty good, not something we're used to from professional Danish labels who release DVDs that carry English subs. They usually suck major ass).

The new trailer:

The interview:

The old teaser:

Where does she hide it?

Arr you gotta check this video out. I'm not at all big on magicians' shows but this one is pretty cool (and only runs a couple minuets). And, uh, the magician is an office dressed chick. Well, at the beginning anyway.

The show is from Montréal btw.