Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lost ex-rental finally found!!!!!

[click scan for full size]

A few years back a friend of mine gave me a pile of old Danish video catalogues from the first half of the 80s. They were simply entitled "Video" and they contained everything on new video releases. At one point a video label ran an ad for some of their tapes and one of them was a Danish release of Eddie Nicart's Filipino film FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY (starring Weng Weng and out on DVD from Mondo Macabro as For Your Height Only)!!

It was mind-blowing to find out there was the possibility of a local release but although I knew most collectors here I didn't know of one that actually owned a copy of the tape. Either, despite the ad, the tape had never been released or it had just vanished into the abyss of forgotten and lost tapes.

Well, that was until yesterday when Uncut.dk member Deodato proudly showed off his latest finding on the forum; the Danish release of FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY!! Wauw! What a faaantastic find and big congrats to Deodato!!! Needless to say I tried to make him part with it but unfortunately he knows its value. Bummer! Haha. Apparently, Deodato found the tape in the backwoods of Denmark (we're talking "Deliverance" country here!). Big congrats once again!

NB: The Swedish release is also entitled FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY but the actual tape contains the sequel, THE IMPOSSIBLE BOY. Go figure!!

Thanks to Deodato for the scans!