Thursday, May 27, 2010

TURKISH STRAW DOGS (Kartal Yuvasi) - trailer


CIKO MySpace Video

This brutal film looks bloody awesome! (unless you don't like brutal films, obviously). And it's out on DVD-R (legit? Semi-legit? Boot?) from Ciko in Turkey. It's subtitled in English and when you order it you get both the original unsubbed Turkish VCD, a subbed DVD-R, and lobbycards. For the film on their eBay store go Go here. Edit: With most of the DVD-R's from Ciko you get a VCD along with the DVD-R but I've just been informed this isn't the case with this film. No VCD, only a subtitled DVD-R.

Bruce is a many splendoured thing - part 3

The book has arrived from the printers and is gonna go out as we speak. This is an actual picture of the boxes that the publisher-guy, John Overall, posted on "Kung Fu Cinema" forum earlier today! xD. The latest info I have is that everybody who pre-ordered and/or bought directly from John Overall is gonna get the colour version. And also, Amazon UK have finally lowered the price to the correct £20 (from 30). Now, who would've ever thunk we'd see a book on Bruce Lee clones!! Yay!