Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dark leather, dark shades, coloured plastic trash... and Nico

I watched this cool three part documentary on Andy Warhol and the people who orbited around him during the Factory period in the '60s. It's a pretty good documentary. There's also a 100 minute (director's cut) cinema edit which I haven't seen but I would assume it loses too much of the interviews and stuff (the TV version runs around 150 minutes). At the moment the same TV channel (DR K/Denmark) is showing another three parter; this one about Woodstock and it's weird to think these two extremely different kinds of attitudes/people/music existed around the same time. Some of the hippie music like Jimi Hendrix is cool but I'm definitely more of a Velvet Underground person. LOL. I dvdr'ed the sehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifries from telly which was a good thing cos the scheduled reg. 1 2-disc release was cancelled (but there's an Aussie DVD available on Amazon US & UK). The director's cut had a limited cinema release and is also on DVD but (apparently) only available directly from the producer. You can order it here and there's a shit load of info and interviews on that page as well.

NB: I looked up shades (i.e. sunglasses) on Wiki and who else but the pope of trash would pop up. LOL.