Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SANTA SANGRE on reg. 1 dvd and blu-ray

As you'll remember I already own a copy of SANTA SANGRE on DVD but even so I'm happy to report that it's finally being re-released; this time in the US and it's gonna get both a DVD and a blu-ray release - with five hours of extra material!! The release is due for January the 25th.

Here's the new cover:

And info from Fangoria:
One of the most-desired titles by Stateside disc collectors has long been Alejandro Jodorowsky’s shocking and fascinating 1989 feature SANTA SANGRE. Now, Fango has received word that the acclaimed hallucinatory fantasy-chiller will make its American DVD/Blu-ray debut early next year.

Severin Films will release the discs January 25, 2011, derived from a restored print of the uncut European version. There will also be more than five hours of extras on the two-DVD set and Blu-ray, accompanying the saga of a young man, once a circus performer with his family, who escapes from an asylum and helps his armless mother get murderous revenge. While final details have yet to be confirmed, the supplements currently slated include:

• Audio commentary by Jodorowsky

• Deleted scenes

• Multiple documentaries

• New on-camera interviews with the majority of the film’s cast and crew

• Domestic and international trailers

• Coverage of Jodorowsky’s forthcoming NYC appearances

The latter includes the director’s first-ever American retrospective, titled “Blood Into Gold: The Cinematic Alchemy of Alejandro Jodorowsky,” which takes place this Thursday, September 23-Friday, October 8 at New York City’s Museum of Arts and Design (2 Columbus Circle). Jodorowsky, whose classic films also include EL TOPO and THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, will be in attendance to conduct a rare master class on his films and philosophy; go here for more details.

“SANTA SANGRE is a landmark acquisition for us,” says Severin co-founder and CEO David Gregory. “Jodorowsky is one of the few true visionaries of cinema, and the opportunity to bring his modern masterpiece back to America is a genuine honor. Our restoration of the film, combined with an unprecedented collection of bonus features, will now introduce this brilliant film to a whole new audience.” Look for final details on the SANTA SANGRE disc contents shortly.

And my old official Singapore DVD (I think I prefer the old cover actually):

Most awesommest cool trailer on a Tuesday

I rewatched the original version of THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS from the 50s. I've seen it numerous times thru out the years but it's been at least five years since my last visit. When I watched the film the very first time I don't think I got the symbolism at all but even so it's a great sci-fi horror flick. There's footage filmed especially for the trailer. They often did that in the old days and they don't anymore (cos trailers suck these days, well, sometimes. LOL). The copy I watched is an old Danish ex-rental tape which I bought from Henrik Larsen (even tho I've got a spiffy DVD release as well). He's the only person I've ever met who had a copy of tape and it took me 6-7 years to convince him to sell to me. :D It's got an awesome cover (in kitschy colours). Well, I think so anyway. Henrik thought it was lame. LOL.
After the film there's a few old "Ozploitation" trailers on the tape.