Monday, May 3, 2010

"People are strange"

The quote is from The Doors and doesn't have anything to do with neither eBay nor video tapes - but sometimes people and situations are strange. And one of my readers isn't gonna like this one bit. Haha. About a year ago I fought a deadly battle with another collector of rare films on eBay. The auction was for one of Milto's (in Greece) trashy Filipino war video tapes, HEROES BLOOD (aka The 13th Mission) but altho I placed what to me seemed like a lot of dough I still lost out on the tape. Someone (and I won't mention any names here but he's in Norway, hint hint) won the tape for 120 dollars!! Then months later the same film turned up at another auction, and I won it for $33. o_O And it was the superior Japanese VHS even! How about that! Then skip to a few days ago: A Japanese eBay seller puts the very same film up for auction. And once again it's the superior Japanese tape. I placed 10 bucks on it "just in case". I didn't even keep track of the auction. Well, fuck me drunk if I didn't get an email from eBay today saying I won the damn tape for a whooping 8 dollars and 75 cents!!! It sure is a strange world and eBay is a strange land. Hah!