Thursday, November 10, 2011

More fun in the bunker...

I should charge that Finn for copyright violation. Not of the Hitler film, obviously, but of MY dogme videos!!! ^_^

Muzak in the mailbox...

I received these fine platters the last couple of weeks:

The Necessary Evils - "The Sicko Inside Me" CD
Spids Nøgenhat - "En Mærkelig Kop Te" CD
Spids Nøgenhat - "En Mærkelig Kop Te" LP
Baby Woodrose - "Love Comes Down" CD
Baby Woodrose - "Love Comes Down" LP + ltd 7"
Ciccone Youth - "The Whitey Album" CD
Pixies - "Boston December 9 2004" 2-CD

Chet Baker CD set:
"Chet Baker Sings"

Miles Davis CD set:
"Kind of Blue"
"Ascenseur pour L'échafaud"
"Somethin' Else"