Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gamera vs. Barugon on DVD in July

Ahh, sweet!

Info from Fangoria:
Following up its recent release of GAMERA, THE GIANT MONSTER, Shout! issues BARUGON July 6. The first color film in this kaiju series, it pits Gamera against a humongous, lizardlike beast that can emit a freezing spray from its elongated tongue and project a deadly rainbow ray from its back. In addition to a widescreen transfer from an all-new HD master, the disc will include:

• Audio commentry by J-monster experts August Ragone and Jason Varney
• Publicity galleries
• Booklet with an essay by actor Kojiro Hongo
• Reversible cover

Thanks to the old "Oriental Cinema" fanzine writer August Ragone and other posters on Dvdmaniacs for the heads-up.

When Fred Anderson comes to you in your dreams

I dreamt about Ninja Dixon's Fred Anderson last night! No, it wasn't a gay fantasy as that's not my scene but a real dream. He and some other guy were visiting and staying over. They were sleeping on the floor of my lounge room. Fred was wearing a polo; he wiped his nose on it and looked confused around of what to do. So I said: "Do you want a T-shirt?". Yes, he did. I opened my cupboard which was now sitting in my lounge room (which some of you call living room) instead of my bedroom. But I couldn't find a shirt cos my dad and some guy with a German Alsatian had filled my cupboard with all kinds of stuff. Obviously, none of them live here. I couldn't find the T-shirt so we decided I should sleep in the old summer house that we used to own near the beach. Don't ask me how this was supposed to help Fred get a new T-shirt. During the night at the summer house I was happy to have the dog there in case of burglars. Obviously, the damn dog needed to go for a slash during the night so I got up and discovered that the lounge room was now placed in the kitchen of the house where I grew up! I'm sure it all means I've got severe psychological issues, have no sense of belonging, and ... that I wanna sleep with dogs.

Oh crap! O_O

Thomas Eikrem's RAGE still alive (in one form or another)

Back in the early 90s I used to read a Norwegian fanzine called Rage. The mag was a mix of articles and reviews of alternative films. Not just the usual horror and gore flicks that most zines wrote about in those days but also the experimental cinema like Richard Kern's movies.

The mag was edited by one Thomas Eikrem who also ran a alternative fanzine/book distro (they distributed my own zine Banned in Britain). At some point Eikrem moved to Denmark but kept releasing his mag. The last issue came out quite a long time ago.

But now I've just discovered that Eikrem (now in the UK) is still publishing RAGE, just under the slightly different title Filmrage. They have a homepage and are up to issue #7. The mag looks very cool and, get this, each issue is 120 pages printed on glossy paper and with a hardcover. Awesome!

But, and here it comes; every issue is £55!!! That's 80 dollars for a mag. O_O

Have any of you bought it? Is it worth 80 bucks? Their webpage is here.

The cover scan was posted on Facebook by Katja Bienert who was in Schulmädchen-Report 13 but I have no idea if that's her on the cover.

Edit: I just discovered fräulein Bienert was also in Jess Franco's Killer Barbys vs. Dracula from 2002!

If you read Danish you can check out Lars Movin's old review of Thomas Eikrem's video production and Rage #7 here.