Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Documentary on the guy who did MEN BEHIND THE SUN

I'm sure you're all familiar with this documentary film but I'm gonna post it here in its entirety anyway because 1) there might still be some schmuck (in Norway) who hasn't seen it, and 2) there's a new one on its way!

CONVERSATIONS WITH T.F. MOU is a documentary film made by Dvdmaniacs member Jules L. Carrozza.

Carozza is an avid fan of Asian films and it's a bit of a scoop that he got to make this docu; I mean MEN BEHIND THE SUN is such a notorious movie and has always been shrouded in mystery and also T.F. Mou's LOST SOULS caused controversy and was banned in Hong Kong. And even when it was finally re-released by Celestial (on VCD only) it disappeared again very quickly (thanks to the Linn Haynes (RIP) I got hold of what I believe was the last copy in the world! LOL. Later, of course, it's been released on DVD).

Anyway, here's the documentary film; It comes in three parts and it was uploaded to YouTube by Carrozza himself so it's not a dodgy bootleg. However, altho the docu is interesting Carrozza wasn't too happy with the finished result (I believe sound problems are the main issue) so he's actually in the process of making a NEW documentary on T.F. Mou! Check out the trailer after the three docu parts.

Directed by J.L. Carrozza
USA, 2008

NB: If your Internet connection is fast enough for HQ quality you'll have to click the HQ buttom yourself as I can't embed it in that quality for some reason.

If you'd like to read about director J.L. Carrozza go to his homepage here and if you wanna check out the Dvdmaniacs thread where he talks about the new documentary go here. There's also a long thread about the old movie but I don't have a link to it and I can't be arsed to find it now as it's late and I haven't had my dinner yet and all. Make a search on Dvdmaniacs if you wanna find it. :/

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a trailer for MEN BEHIND THE SUN but here's one for LOST SOULS, albeit it's a new trailer, not the original one.