Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Look into these eyes and tell me you love me

Wauw!!! You know there are songs you hear in your youth and they just stay with you forever - even if you don't listen to them for years on end. For me once such track is GREEN ON RED's awesome "The Drifter" which I first heard via a live recording on a Danish radio station in the early '80s.

I taped it and played the tape over and over again. The song about being a drifter made me dream about leaving the camp (i.e. home) and piss off to faraway lands (which I later did). What I never knew was that the song is actually about... Ted Bundy!! Haha.

Diabolik from Uncut forum (aka Hans-Jørn Reimer) recently sent me the photo you see in the above and said, "recognise him?" and all it took was looking into those eyes. He appears to be reading a book ... but click the scan and you'll see he's looking right at YOU. Creepy beyond belief.

Thanks to Diabolik for the scan.