Saturday, March 6, 2010

Arr man, movies were so much better in the old days! xD


Oh Anna

Whatever you think of Anna Nicole Smith is fine but in my book she was pure psychotronic!! And if nothing else she did do two movies that are, well, pure psychotronic awesomeness! TO THE LIMIT (1995) and SKYSCRAPER (1996).

Anna Nicole's acting abilities were so terrible in both films it almost defies physical possibility but that's not really important here; What is of major importance is they both deliver in the entertainment department. Well, I take it you understand I mean: on a highly trashy level.

Check out these two trailers and you'll see what I mean, and also be SURE to check out the video at the bottom of this post. It's a (probably rare) video tape from the shooting of SKYSCRAPER; if you thought her acting abilities were bad when you watched the films or trailers then... watch this tape. It goes where no crappy actor or actress has gone before, LOL. (btw, it's timecoded and was most likely never meant to be made public, LOL). Both films are on video tape and DVD.

Crazy Indonesia: gone!

It seems the only fan site dedicated to everyone's favourite Indo flick, RAMBU aka The Intruder, is gone. I can't say I'll miss them (sorry guys!) but still; sad to see someone disappear. If I don't seem too bummed out about it it's simply due to the fact that they never seemed interested in actually providing any kind of info on neither the film, the actors in the film (other than Peter O'Brian) nor the alternative version that was released in Indonesia (the Intruder version is the international edit). They didn't offer any info on Peter O'Brian's other films, nor did they have the slightest interest in wild Indo cinema as such. They did do that cool interview with Peter O'Brian but that was about it. I sincerely wish they would have done a better, more hardcore and anal fan job out of it than what they did. I'm not trying to be mean here, just honest. :-(

Anyway, the cover scan is from my video tape from Belgium. It is without a doubt thee best release of RAMBU picture-wise!! It's fully letterboxed (the Greek tape is only half lbx) and has a picture so crisp that you'll cut your fingers if you put them on the screen while the film is playing (the Greek tape has the usual soft picture that we've come to expect from Greek VHS). The only "flaw" is the French dubbing. If someone added the English dub to this tape it would be perfect and beat all other releases!

Crazy Indonesia: Five Deadly Angels - clip

This awesome scene is from the rare Indo film FIVE DEADLY ANGELS. The film is originally entitled 5 Cewek Jagoan and there was even a sequel, DEADLY ANGELS STRIKE BACK/Cewek Jagoan beraski Kembali (which I've watched on Malay VCD, it never came out in English). The film stars Debby Cynthia Dewi, Yati Octavia, Dana Christina and Lydia Kandou who are no strangers to fans of Indo cinema! Btw, this scene is missing from the German VHS.

Read Fred Adelman's cool review here.

VCD/Malaysia/fullscreen/Indonesian audio/no subs

Thanks to Peter aka Petcor80 of Cinehound for the DVD-R and for uploading this clip.