Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Telly movies: DEATH AT LOVE HOUSE (1976)

One or two years ago the film fan channels on YouTube were thriving. The horror film community on there was the place to be. I had so much fun I even skipped Facie! Now, not so much. Youtubers are leaving in droves. The YouTube horror movie community has become the equivalent of the wasteland in Mad Max' barren futuristic world. A wasteland. I have a tendency to go against the grain, though, so now I've actually started to do videos again. Hah! Here's my latest one. It's a review - or an attempt at a review anyway - of the 1976 TV horror movie DEATH AT LOVE HOUSE. Not too many people have reviewed it (could this be a hint of its cinematic qualities? Naah). Well, check it out. I'll try and keep my videos fairly short from now on. 45 minute videos are a thing of the past.