Thursday, April 23, 2009

You got here because of THAT???

Apart from my regular readers I also get a bunch of hits from people who land here cos they've used a search engine. And that's obviously fine, good call if they discover this blog by making a search for RAMBU or some other such worldweird movie.

However, eh, sometimes I wonder what it is in those search engines' digital heads that make them direct people here. I mean... have I really written that much about Danish porn??? Haha.

This is a list of searches people made when they were directed here yesterday (and yes I did #12 myself):

1. "en lejemorder ser tilbage"
2. bamboo porn star
3. blackmagic2
4. blackmagic2 revenge of the zombies dvd-r
5. danish porn
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14. intruder rambu
15. jaws 5 cruel jaws on dvd
16. kan man købe jaws spillet i føtex
17. korkusuz-aka-turkish-rambo
18. mini skirt
19. miss tove
20. porn star hongkong
21. ser porn
22. sexy mini skirt
23. videos film barry prima

So amazing you'll have to lie down to absorb it!!!

I watched BRUCE AND THE SHAOLIN BRONZEMEN and... argh... my Brain is toast now! It was... quite an over-the-top excursion into pure insane cinematic madness!! HIGHLY recommended I might add!! I think it only ran 70 minutes or so but those 70 minutes... oh man! Fans of real kung fu flicks would probably hate it but as a Filipino trash film aficionado I completely loved it. My god! None of you should refrain from watching this due to its being a martial arts film or not a real Filipino exploitationer.

Oh, and the dubbing! From old HK kung fu movie tapes I'm of course used to the "ordinary" dubbing but this was different: everyone (including "Bruce Lee") had been dubbed into English... with a thick Filipino accent!! And it seemed as if the English lines had been either made on the spot or just by some translator who wasn't completely familiar with the lingo. I'm definitely gonna watch it again.

I'm gonna blow ya no matter what you say!

Hey, why ya try and blow him!! Get off!!

Killer dwarfs!

Silence! I kill you! I stare! You die!