Friday, January 21, 2011

More zombies from Denmark: "De Levende Dødes Armé"

I've just discovered that whoever uploaded the Danish zombie movie RÅDDEN KÆRLIGHED also uploaded the Snipers music video De Levende Dødes Armé [trans: Army of the Living Dead].

This is very cool indeed. I've only seen this video once before and it was actually on the day I had been filmed for my brief part in RÅDDEN. Once back at the house and still half covered in latex and goo (the crap stuck to my skin for a week or so!) we got to watch this video.

The credits at the end don't state who the director is but it lists "Peter & Tue" as camera men (in true punk style no last names obviously) so I reckon it's directed by Amdi-Peter who was also the main character in RÅDDEN and Tue "Sick" did the special effects (most likely he's named after my mag "Stay Sick!" as he kept asking me when the new issue was gonna be out. LOL. Mega flattery there! LOL). And 5-6 yrs after RÅDDEN they begun work on their new (still unreleased) movie PLANET HOLOCAUST (I did a post on that two years back).

Anyway, check out DE LEVENDE DØDES ARMÉ, it's good fun and mega gory (Andreas Schnaas style gory!).

Best ever pop song on a Friday... The Misfits - live + interview (1983)

The original line up with Glenn Danzig. :D