Thursday, January 27, 2011

More fun than an open casket funeral

Yes, I'm talking about my having a bloody cold! A 24/7 runny nose. Sneezing more than not sneezing. And coughing like an old smoker. Oh, and did I mention the heavy head and drowsiness. At least I managed to buy loo paper. Argh!

And talking of which I might as well play this ol'e favourite by the one and only true splatter punk band, THE ACCÜSED. LOLZ.

Banned in the USA

This is Warner Bros' old propaganda cartoon BUGS BUNNY NIPS THE NIPS. It was made shortly after Pearl Harbor and altho the portrayal of Japanese people is ludicrous it should be seen in the light of the time it was made. It seems the copyright owners in the US don't see it that way and it's been banned from release on DVD and TV broadcast. This YouTube upload is from a terribly worn video tape. I tried to find a better version and stumbled over another one with a much better picture quality - only, it's dubbed in an Eastern European language. It shits me to think that some dickfaces are preventing cool (and historical) pop culture from being available due to misunderstood political correctness. :/