Sunday, June 20, 2010

Come to papa!

I've been trying to get hold of Ocean Shores' VHS release of the new-wave HK movie JUMPING ASH (1976) for quite a while and this afternoon I finally secured a copy. Yay! Actually, I've lost out to other eBay bidders TWICE in the past and BOTH times was due to my "only" having placed 30 bucks on the tape and some other schmuck won it for 31 dollars. TWICE!! .\_/.
Haha. Well, that's life.

A while ago a got hold of the Greek VHS which is taken from an old and scratched (beyond belief) print with big Greeks subs that cover up the on-screen text. Anyhoo, today was my lucky day! I placed 50 bucks and won the fucker for just under the 9 dollar mark! Amazing!! All the way up to the finishing line I kept thinking "somebody's GOT to make another bid! How could they not! Are they daft!! It's JUMPING ASH for crying out loud!!!" Hahaha. Oh well, maybe everyone was out in the sun. My luck indeed.

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- below the old Greek VHS: