Friday, August 27, 2010

Blood... nuns... blood... sinful... nuns... blooood...

Ahh, who wouldn't get arou... happy at the thought of wild nuns with bloodied hands who turn their eyes black and spew equal amounts of profanities and blood in your face. Ahhh. xD

The muy fantastico lobbycard above is one that I've just won. YAY!!! The bottom one is one I unfortunately lost out on a couple of weeks back. Boo-hoo!!! They're both from the Mexican horror movie SATANICO PANDEMONIUM from 1975. It's available on a spiffy disc from Mondo Macabro but unfortunately it seems it's going out of print.

Btw, if you haven't watched SANTANICO PANDEMONIUM but still think there's a wee bell going off in your head it may very well be cos you've seen FROM DUSK TILL DAWN in which another Mexican (and muy bonita at that!), Salma Hayek, plays a character called Satanico Pandemonium (in fact this is without a doubt señorita Hayek's FINEST moment on celluloid if you ask me!).

I couldn't find a trailer for SATANICO PANDEMONIUM so instead here's one for a TV documentary about everyday life in Mexican convents:

- And here; one of the finest moments in cinematic history. This is the clip I'd bring to a deserted island if I were to only bring one clip!!!

LMAO. Alright, the top trailer is of course from the awesome movie ALUCARDA (also on DVD from MM). xD