Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Karamurat: The Sultan's Warrior (Turkey, 1973)

Ahh, check this German VHS out! It's the Turkish Cüneyt Arkin movie KARA MURAT: FATIHIN FERMANI from 1973, known in English as Karamurat: The Sultan's Warrior. Thanks to Henrik Larsen I already own Mondo Macabro's UK TV print (in Turkish w/English subs) but when I stumbled over this tape on German eBay I knew I had to have it! Now, if just I could find the German dubbed print of KARA MURAT KARA SOVALYE'YE KARSI aka Karamurat Vs. The Black Knight (not released in English) then I'd be happy!! EDIT: My info on the film on this tape is wrong in the above post!!! I got my info from the German film data base OFDb (kinda the German answer to the IMDb) but their info on the English title is incorrect!!! DER HEILIGE KRIEG isn't aka The Sultan's Warrior (Kara Murat: Fatihin fermani) as they state but it's actually KARA MURAT KARA SOVALYE'YE KARSI (aka Kara Murat vs the Black Knight). And since I already have the English dubbed TV print for SULTAN'S WARRIOR I'm not complaining. This is pretty cool.