Thursday, October 30, 2008

CELLAT is in the house!

There's really no reason for my posting this but I've been looking forward to the release of CELLAT for so lang that I thought I'd let you in on this as well. LOL. Oh, and also to promote Bill Baronis and his Onar Films company a bit. God knows he could use some publicity! It's not like these films sell by the bucket load. Unfortunately.

CELLAT (also known as "Turkish Death Wish") is a Turkish version of DEATH WISH (hence the aka title, haha). I've just received my copy today and as I haven't watched it yet I don't really know how close it is to the original. But word is it's very enjoyable! Maybe you should buy a copy?? ;-)

Ahh, another poster I'd truly love to have!!! From "Seytan", the Turkish remake of "The Exorcist", also known on bootleg as "The Turkish Exorcist".