Saturday, July 20, 2019

STRESSED TO KILL (Mark Savage, USA 2016)

 I watched Mark Savage's STRESSED TO KILL last night and the film proves that, as a viewer, you don't necessarily have to make room/allowance for a lowbudget film's shortcomings. That may be the case of lesser (or lazy) lowbudget directors. It certainly wasn't the case with STRESSED. No bad script, no bad acting, no bad filming, no bad anything I can think of. It grabbed me and kept my attention ALL the way thru.

I used to read Mark's HK reviews in Fatal Visions (Melbourne film zine in the '90s) but this is the first film of his that I see. Certainly not the last (well, not least cos I've already bought his follow-up, lol). Oh, and the cast was GREAT. Man, Bill Oberst Jr. was very good, and Armand Assante delivers his part so all I can think of is Harvey Keitel in BAD LIUTENANT. 
Highly recommended.

PS: In Euroland; get it cheap from wowhd. I think I paid £7