Monday, February 21, 2011

End of the World...

...or at least the end of Jared Auner's WORLDWEIRD blog! Well, maaaybe. A couple of days ago Jared announced that Worldweird will go into hibernation for a while and maybe return at some stage. Or maybe not. Unfortunately, on my five year travel thru space (i.e. Cyberspace) I've come across many a barren world (i.e. blog) that was left behind with a "Will be back soon" note stuck to the door. But they never did come back. They just disappeared into some unknown hell-hole to seek... well, whatever it is you seek in unknown hell-holes. Boo-hoo. I certainly hope not that our good buddy Jared ("our" is not a royal our but our as in "we, the world-weird movie fans") is one of the few that understand and treasure these films. Unfortunately there aren't many of us left (were there ever that many anyway?). Anyway, Jared, I'll try and keep the flame burning here at the "Worldweird rip-off blog" with my feeble attempts at delivering some useful info for the handful of enthusiastic world-weird aficionados out there. Or if not useful info then at least some bad jokes, hearsay, or blatant lies about my own greatness. See ya around, Jared.

*Come back, Shane!*