Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter!

Oldest porn store is shutting its doors today!

"Blue Movie" is a porn store/porn video store in Copenhagen and it has been going since 1972 but they've now been forced to close down due to the recession. I've never been to "Blue Movie" but it's always sad when one of the remaining video stores has to closed down.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lost ex-rental finally found!!!!!

[click scan for full size]

A few years back a friend of mine gave me a pile of old Danish video catalogues from the first half of the 80s. They were simply entitled "Video" and they contained everything on new video releases. At one point a video label ran an ad for some of their tapes and one of them was a Danish release of Eddie Nicart's Filipino film FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY (starring Weng Weng and out on DVD from Mondo Macabro as For Your Height Only)!!

It was mind-blowing to find out there was the possibility of a local release but although I knew most collectors here I didn't know of one that actually owned a copy of the tape. Either, despite the ad, the tape had never been released or it had just vanished into the abyss of forgotten and lost tapes.

Well, that was until yesterday when member Deodato proudly showed off his latest finding on the forum; the Danish release of FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY!! Wauw! What a faaantastic find and big congrats to Deodato!!! Needless to say I tried to make him part with it but unfortunately he knows its value. Bummer! Haha. Apparently, Deodato found the tape in the backwoods of Denmark (we're talking "Deliverance" country here!). Big congrats once again!

NB: The Swedish release is also entitled FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY but the actual tape contains the sequel, THE IMPOSSIBLE BOY. Go figure!!

Thanks to Deodato for the scans!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil (1974)

aka In der Gewalt des Bösen / Magdalena – Kein Platz für die Hure / Beyond the Darkness / Devil’s Female

Ahhh, look at that German VHS cover. Awesome, ay! YES IT IS!!!
xD xD xD.

MAGDALENA, POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL (or Devil's Female as the English dubbed bootleg DVD I bought last year is re-titled) is an enjoyable and trashy German ripoff of THE EXORCIST!! I haven't bothered to find out which English dubbed VHS versions are available (or not available, I believe any version is pretty rare) cos I've got said boot DVD from Trash Palace, a boot which is fine enough when you consider I find the English dubbing pretty atrocious! Haha.

And because of that uuugly dubbing I've been on the lookout for the original German language version for quite a while. I never actually thought I'd find it but, well, lo and behold, tonight I commented on someone's scan of the same film on Cinehound (actually the scan I'm using here) and one fine Swedish collector mentioned he had another copy of the tape and that he would let go of it. Well, for a handful of shiny coins natürlich. Ahhh. Did I mention it's not released on DVD anywhere (you can find an English dubbed DVD on Amazon but it's a bootleg). Ahh, the joys of EXORCIST ripoffs.

Danish ex-rentals on morning TV

In a post on Thursday I mentioned Diabolik (aka Hans-Jørgen) was going to get interviewed on Danish morning television (which means it's broadcast in the country of Denmark, not that it's morning tv where they're eating Danish pastries, haha) about his huge collection of Danish ex-rental tapes, and fortunately for you someone has just uploaded the program to YouTube. Check it out. Needless to say it's all in the lingo of our proud, savage Viking ancestors.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Awesome and truly fantastic old post revisited

You really ought to do yourself a huge favour and check out this old post. I'd say it's a super duper awesome old post! In fact I'd go as far as saying it's super duper awesome AND amazing!!! Check it out, you can thank me later. You know it's the right thing to do. Go here, bubeleh! xD.

Death to all but metal

This is so awesome it's beyond comprehension! It's like being back in 1985 and listening to heavy metal again. And I do mean HEAVY metal, not death metal, black metal, grind core metal, thrash metal, or even trash metal!! True Heavy Metal. Don't be a poser, watch this video!!! xD xD xD

C-c-come on!

Fuck the Goo Goo Dolls, they can suck my balls
They look like the dogs that hang out at the mall

Eminem can suck it, so can Dr. Dre
They can suck each other just because they're gay
They can suck a dick, they can lick a sack
Everybody shout, "Heavy metal's back!"

Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal

Death to Papa Roach, Blink 182
All those fucking pussies sounds like doggy-doo
Wearing baggy pants, spiking up their hair
They're not worth the crust on my underwear

Where is Def Leppard? Where is Mötley Crüe?
Why do all my lyrics sound like Dr. Seuss?

Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal

Kill those fucking fuckheads who programme MTV
They can suck my ass with all the record companies

Death to Britney Spears, kill the little slut
Kill Madonna too and then fuck her in the butt
Fuck Mariah Carey, death to Sheryl Crowe
They can kiss each other on the camel toe
50 Cent's a fag, so is Kanye West
Shooting hot sperm on each others' chest

Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal

Thanks to Henrik Ibsen who made me aware of this on Uncut forum

Friday, March 26, 2010

Holy fuck!! There's a film adaptation of ADÉLE BLANC-SEC coming out!! Sacre bleu!!!!!

Gabble gabble... mouth won't work...gabble gabble...

Thanks to my mate David Graumann in French speaking Switzerland I've just learnt there's a brand new film adaptation of Jacques Tardi's EXCELLENT comic book ADÉLE BLANC-SEC (Danish title: Adeles Ekstraordinære Oplevelser) directed by Luc Besson. Check out the trailer. It looks absolutely fantastic!!! Now, this may very well be old news (that the movie's been made and is coming out) but I'm so stuck in the old days... or at least movies from the old days... that I'm mostly completely disattached from what's being made in my own time. Haha.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Månguden finally on DVD

I've written about the Swedish telly slasher/thriller MÅNGUDEN before but haven't been able to watch it as hardly anybody had it. Now it's finally out on DVD but, uh, since I haven't got the new disc yet here's a link to Fred Anderson's brand new review (from today). Go here.

Are ex-rental collectors early birds? They better be tomorrow (at least if they live in Scandinavia). xD.

Scandinavian readers who are able to watch the Danish tv channel TV2 Danmark ought to get up early tomorrow morning (Friday) and tune into "Go'morgen Danmark" as guest on the show will be none other than hardcore ex-rental VHS collector Diabolik, well known from such world famous message boards as Cinehound and

The program is running from 6:30 am - 11 am (GMT+1). Diabolik's segment is scheduled for 8:13 am but I'd tune in a bit earlier as things tend to not always run on time in a live broadcast.

And so what's Diabolik going to talk about you might wonder; City life in the Danish capital? Being a hillbilly from the countryside?? Exploring exotic lands far away??? Nope, he'll be talking about motherfucken DANISH EX-RENTAL TAPES!!!

I believe it's all thanks to the new Facebook group he's set up entirely devoted to Danish ex-rentals.

Here's an old piccie of Diabolik (seen on the far left) from a horror & sci-fi film con. that took place in Copenhagen, 2003. Next to Diabolik: Nils Markvardsen, unknown, Thure Munkholm, yours truly in a spiffy green/blue'ish shirt, and Jan Mouritzen (selling posters)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So'eh... you like my blog, Frank?

It's cool to have regular blog followers but, uh, there's a couple of them I wonder about. Just a teeny weeny bit. Now, let's face it I'm... vain. I'll admit it. So I usually check out new followers. No, I don't hire a detective to go thru their trash (that was only in the beginning, LOL) but I check their link(s) to their blog or blogs. Now, my newest follower is Frank Black (obviously not thee Frank Black aka Black Francis!) and the thing is often I'll check out new followers' other subscriptions to see if there might be a blog or two I would like. In Mr. Black's case I can see he's also following a couple of other blogs. Well, Frank certainly has a lot to choose from. Here's a list of what he's following (I'll see you at the other end once you get thru the list in half an hour or so):

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"Another fucking fashionista"
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Are you still with me or have you gone to sleep? I can't help thinking there's a reason as to why some people subscribe to hundreds of different blogs. I mean it's obviously NOT because they actually sit all day and read them. Many of these blogs are in different languages, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, whathaveyou. But I must admit I can't quite figure out what the deal is. What do they get out of it? Have they signed up to some site that'll pay them a couple pennies every time some blog schmuck clicks on their blog? Do they hope someone like me will follow them simply because they follow me? Is it to get more readers? Money? What?

Oh, but if this makes me realise one thing it's that the world is (too) full of damn blogs! Does anybody actually read all this shit? Do anybody read this? Nobody reads magazines anymore so if I started to do a mag again I would hardly have any competition. Hmmm.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The One Armed Executioner - trailers

Trailer #1:

Trailer #2:

I watched THE ONE ARMED EXECUTIONER last night on Greek VHS. An undercover cop sees his girlfriend brutally killed and has his arm chopped off by some nasty gwilo guys. So he hits the booze and lives in the gutter for a while until a sensei turtle... no, wait, wrong movie... but, well, it's not rocket science what happens next but it is however darn entertaining!! Another Suarez masterpiece!! And the good thing is it's gonna get a reg. 1 DVD release later this year. Yay. Spiffy!


March 23, 1963. The last true Danish pop song wins the European Song Contest with "Dansevise" by Grete & Jørgen Ingmann. That was today 47 yrs ago. And due to an error it almost didn't happen. xD

(if you watched this video right after I posted it the first time you'll have noticed it wasn't working properly. It does now).

[Yes, the narrator speaks Dutch and altho a lot of you seem to think that's also the language of Denmark it really isn't, haha. Out of the handful of various versions of the video on YouTube this just happened to offer the best picture quality]

What I would love to see is full broadcasts of these old shows instead of the same short clips over and over again. Why aren't they on DVD or broadcast on TV???

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Virus - inferno dei morti viventi on DVD from AWE

Christmas is coming early this year, at least in Scandinavia! In August/September Another World Entertainment will be releasing Bruno Mattei's huge masterpiece Virus - inferno dei morti viventi (1980) aka HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD aka Night of the Zombies! Awesome. The film isn't difficult to get hold of as it's out on a spiffy reg. 1 DVD (which includes an interview with Il Maistro himself) but, regardless, it's pretty cool it's coming out on Scandinavian DVD. One minor detail I'm puzzled about is AWE's way of reasoning; About 18 months ago I spoke to AWE head honcho Jan Schmidt and suggested they put out Bruno Mattei's last two zombie films, ZOMBIE: THE BEGINNING and ISLAND OF THE LIVING DEAD. I mentioned it would be a scoop as these two films weren't released ANYWHERE in the world. It would have meant a lot of DVDs over the counter to costumers from other countries but the reply I got from AWE was they didn't want to put these two films out as they were probably "too crappy" ("probably" cos AWE didn't actually check them out). And now they're releasing HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD instead!!

HAHAHA. I mean... how is that the better choice??? HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD is just as crappy as the other two (but in a completely entertaining way, of course). The difference is just you can buy HELL anywhere online. Beats me if I understand their reasoning. Oh well, I'm certainly not complaining over finally seeing HELL on Danish DVD and I'll be first in line to scoop up the film (altho I've already got the reg. 1 disc). Thanks to AWE for providing Danish fans with local releases. Even if I don't quite comprehend their reasoning. LOL.

The two cover scans are from Japanese and Turkish VHS.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friends of Danish ex-rental tapes unite!

In northern Europe we always hear about the serious Swedish VHS collectors (of Swedish tapes). I've often scratched my head as to why these people were so eager to collect severely censored tapes. It's well documented that Sweden, Norway and Finland had harsh censorshit regulations and thus had video releases missing all the fun. However, in the sinful Scandinavian south aka the Babylon of Scandinavia aka Denmark, we had no censorship board to secure us from nasty video films and their bad influences on us and how these vile video tapes would corrupt our minds.

Gore and sleaze could be released here as over the top as could be. The only limitations were the lack of a film director's lack of imagination (and in a few cases lazy distributors who didn't check that they didn't receive tapes that were meant for other markets and thus were already cut). We had the only uncut, English dubbed and letterboxed release of NIGHTMARE CITY. We had the only uncut, English dubbed AND letterboxed release of EMMANUELLE IN AMERICA. There were quite a few uncut tapes here that didn't exist anywhere else.

Anyhoo, so what's all this about? Well, Hans-Jørn Reimer (aka Diabolik from world famous film forums such as Cinehound and has just opened a new Facebook group entitled DEVAG. At first I thought it was a Montana militia group but lo and behold it means Danish Ex-rental VHS Appreciation Group.

Finally a useful FB group! Go here and join. Even if you're not collecting Danish ex-rental video tapes you can still check out the hundreds of rare VHS scans.

Fellow blogs that fly under the radar but that you OUGHT to know about!!! ... "GOLDEN NINJA WARRIOR CHRONICLES"

This is really good news! Regular reader and commen-tator on my Filipino blog, Jesus Manuel, has finally set up his blog about Joseph Lai's IFD company, Tomas Tang's FILMARK, Godfrey Ho, and all those gwilo actors who starred in the inserted sections of the cut & paste films from Hong Kong. Yay, way to go, Jesus Manuel!!

Jesus Manuel originally hails from Spain but is now residing in the Philippines (and no, in contradiction to the other gwilos there he didn't star in trashy war movies, LOL). Those of you who are spaghetti western fanatics are probably also familiar with Danish expert on the genre (and eXtase magazine editor/publisher) Nils Markvardsen. Jesus Manuel and Nils actually met at that old spaghetti western town in Spain where all those films were filmed (whatsitsface?? I forget).

Jesus Manuel in Hong Kong with Mike Abbott

I've known about his upcoming blog for quite a while but had to keep my mouth shut as Jesus didn't wanna let the cat out of the bag too early. Well, now his blog is afloat. At first I must admit I thought it was a liiitle too messy but now he's getting there!! Good job, J-M!! Check out today's post where he's (with Nanarland friends) have interviewed Nathan Chukuake!! Or how about a useful complete filmography on Mike Abbott films!!!

This is going into my link section. But right now: Go here.

I made Jesus Manuel do pix for me of his multo rareo HK VCDs and here's some of them. I can only drool in awe. These VCDs are impossible to find and I don't have ANY of them in original Ocean Shores versions!!! :-(

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

De Skrigende Halse: "Riders of Depression"

Arrrgghhh, awesome!!! xD

Turn on the web camera and you'll see me kicking myself in the head for not having bought the record, the CD, and the VHS when it all came out. All I have is a stinking DVD-R off telly :o(

Heey, my old SORT SOL betamax tape from 1987 is now on YouTube! xD

Three tracks live (DR TV, Denmark, 1987)

1) Blood on the Saddle
2) Searching Down the Block
3) Pinocchio Loose (aka Pinocchio on the Loose)

This is SORT SOL at their best! In 1987 Danish state tv ran a series of music shows entitled "Musicbox" and to me this was definitely the highlight of the series.

SORT SOL started out in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1978 as a full-on punk band under the name of SODS. Their debut LP "Minutes to go" is a mile stone in Danish punk music but soon after the release they got bored with the three cord limitations that punk music offered and on their second LP "Under en sort sol" they had moved in a more avantgarde'ish direction.

Their third LP "Dagger & Guitar" is the first one where they use the name SORT SOL but what many new fans don't realise is the band actually used both names for years to come. And if you were a "real" fan you kept calling them SODS. "Sort Sol" was for wanna-be fans, haha. I don't think I started using the Sort Sol moniker till 1990 or something. LOL.

On "Dagger & Guitar" SORT SOL recorded two tracks with LYDIA LUNCH. If you do a YouTube search you'll find their "Boy/Girl" track that features miss Lunch. It's uploaded by someone else in Canada (G'day mate, whoever you are) but (via other traders) the clip comes from a recording I did in 1984 when television in Denmark broadcast a documentary about the band called "OMKRING EN SORT SOL - et portraet af SODS".

There was a pretty big gap between the third and fourth LP and when "Everything that rises must converge" finally came out in 1987 their sound had become the violent music you'll hear on this live recording. Like I said this is the band at their best in my opinion. Later records never quite reached the intensity and violent rawness as on "Everything".

The original title of the LP was actually going to be "The Violent Bear it Away" but they change it before it was released. The CD version of the album, which wasn't released till many years later, contains a bonus disc for which they used the title.


My gawd, it is pretty crappy isn't it. LOL.
When I taped this concert in '87 I used a Betamax VCR and obviously I loved the recording and almost played it to death! And it shows!!! You'll notice my tape is in less than perfect condition... TO SAY THE LEAST... but actually I think it kinda fits the band. SORT SOL was a raw band, their music was raw and violent, and this recording is raw and rugged almost to the point of not working anymore. It almost makes it better.

And even if you don't agree there's not much to do about it as there's a good chance I'm the only person who actually has this on tape; I have never come across anybody else who has it nor have I seen it mentioned on fan pages.

I also taped the 30 minute documentary film I mentioned and I'll probably upload it later.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arr man, those dwarfs sure have fun

LA FEMME NIKITA, not the HK way, not the US way, not the telly way... the FILIPINO way!

BURADOR, ANG BABAING SUGO (Philippines, 2000)

Check this trailer out; it's a remake of the French classic LA FEMME NIKITA from the Philippines!!! And it looks awesome! The Nikita character is played by Filipino actress January Isaac who starred in a bunch of action film from 1997 thru to 2004.

I posted the trailer on my Filipino blog recently but it NEEDS to be posted here as well cos it's just too cool!! And, uh, also cos my extensive search for a copy of the film has brought me... nothing. I'm pretty sure it was only released on VHS and maybe there's a VCD in the Philippines. The trailer was uploaded by Dvdmaniacs member Robert who's located in the US and he tells me the trailer stems from a locally released tape (with a different film) that his parents rented many years ago.

Unfortunately, Robert doesn't have the film either. If any of you have a copy... well, you know in which direction to send a DVD-R (hint hint). Unfortunately, I have a feeling a copy isn't gonna turn up any day soon. Boo-hoo.

Monday, March 15, 2010

ID this man-with-deadly-iron-hand movie

Time for the annual re-posting. Oy vey. :-(

I remember something Damon Foster once said in an issue of Oriental Cinema: 'I'm so old dust comes up when I cough'. That's how I feel too. Well, at least now that I'm going to explain all this about some mysterious film I watched in my childhood:

In 1971 I was in my first grade (yes, nineteen seventy fucking one!!). My mum thought it would be a grand idea to sign me up for the film club at my school (thanks mum!) and a couple of the films had a lasting impact on me. One was about some cool supermen and the other... I'll get back to that one.

Of course being 7 yrs old I didn't bite into film titles or which country they came from so it took quite a while to find out about any of the films. A couple of yrs ago a friend of mine got hold of a video tape and his description over the phone sorta rang a bell: a flick with three cool supermen: and yes, there it was: THE THREE FANTASTIC SUPERMEN (I Fantastici tre supermen, Italy, 1967)!!! It was a bit of a let-down though. I had enjoyed it tremendously as a seven year old but in adult life it just seemed too silly.

However, the other film is still a big mystery to me. I remember it as being a kind of a crime movie. There was this evil dude who had an electric iron hand and when he wanted to hurt someone he'd just grab their face and just burn their puss to a crisp. The images of their burnt faces was pretty scary. At the end of the film the hero fought the evil dude and knocked him over so his hand touched a train track (I think) and electrocuted himself. Phew! Scary stuff when you're a first-grader

Anyway, obviously I'm still anxious as to find out which film this is. Does any of you know? Does it ring a bell? Since I was so young I didn't notice finer details such as which language they spoke. I think it would've been a western flick but I guess it could've been Asian. Any help is appreciated.
[originally written as a post over on Dvdmaniacs]

PS: The film is none of these films: The Projected Man, The Glove, The Black Hand, Creature with the Blue Hand, Hand of Death.

Thanks to everyone so far who has come up with suggestions.

Asian Trash Cinema is folding

Bummer! I just received today's newsletter from Asian Trash Cinema (i.e. Asian Cult Cinema for you kids) and due to personal issues they're closing down the mag right away. The ish that's already out will be the last.
At least for now.

I'm aware quite a few fans of HK movies don't like Thomas Weisser because of, well, heaps and heaps of faulty info especially in the ATC books, plus info that was purely made up!! (and a friend of mine who collects spaghetti westerns told me Weisser wrote a book on the genre and reviewed a number of films even tho those films were only planned but never got actually made!! Haha).

And not least due to his being behind Video Search of Miami (VSoM) in the early days (not so much because he was behind it as such but because their video dupes were often crap, to put it bluntly).

But, hey, I bought the mag in the early days from when #1 came out. Actually from when the first incarnation of the mag, Naked! Screaming! Terror! the special HK issue (that later got re-released as ATC #1) came out! And back then, when Craig Ledbetter was onboard, it was a lotta fun.

Sure the mag hasn't been "fun" for a long time, the old excited fan feel went down the drains a long time ago but they still published good interviews and info. And I just love to read a REAL magazine instead of always staring into a computer screen. I was looking for a misplaced tape today and found an old issue of European Trash Cinema (from '92) and I thought Gee, why doesn't anybody do real fanzines anymore (and where the fuck is Craig Ledbetter?? I'd buy every issue if he put out ETC again!!).

Thomas Weisser/ATC newsletter:
The current issue #64 of Asian Cult Cinema magazine is the last.
Effective immediately, I am shutting down publication of ACC magazine.
Personal family obligations force me and my wife Yuko to retire from this business and - at least temporarily - to relocate in Japan.
This may be a brief venture. Or Yuko and I could be gone for a much longer period of time. Simply, we are uncertain of our immediate future; however, I have already passed company responsibilities to my assistant, Archie Cole.
Most of you already know Archie. He has managed the Asian Cult Cinema and World Cult Cinema website for the past eight years. Although he does not feel qualified to helm the magazine (see his comments below), Archie Cole is committed to continuing - and excelling with - the ACC E-Commerce website. So, most importantly, you will continue to have access to all the Asian and World Cult DVDs.
I want to personally thank you for your support. It's been a good 18 year run.

The above post was originally posted on Dvdmaniacs, yesterday. I simply couldn't find the energy to write a different post for the blog. Live with it! xD

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kewlest ever OBLIVIANS toon on a Satday night

Don't be a square and don't tell me I've posted this a zillion times. It's too cool not to post! xD.

Best Kilink on a Saturday

Kilink is without a doubt one of the coolest bad guys ever. These films are totally rad! Kilink is a bad guy who doesn't refrain from killing left and right and hitting beautiful women and shooting guns and stuff. And yet the Turkish film makers still made him the main character! Awesome!

The quality of these uploaded Onar trailers aren't all that happening (too much pixelation) but do yourself a favour and get hold of the official DVD releases from Onar Films. :D

And lastly; not a Kilink film but The Spider!! In 2006 this was announced for release from Onar in 2007 but it never came out. A pity, looks fun.

Black Sabbath - live, Paris, 1970 (complete broadcast)

The other day I posted a song from Black Sabbath's concert in Paris in 1970. I must admit I got quite impressed by the clip. As I wrote in my initial post (and also discussed this with "Magnus" in the comments' section) this original version of a very young Black Sabbath was way better than everything that came after. Well, in my book and to my liking anyway.

The Paris gig was actually released as a bootleg LP the very same year (1970) entitled Come to the Sabbath. I've done nothing to check this out but I could imagine this is one hell of a rare record these days. The recording has since been released (probably several times) on CD and is available for free here [no, I don't support sites who bootleg official releases but we're talking a bootleg here so the only people whose money you'll be "stealing" are the bootleggers' money].

After having posted the first clip the other day I made a YouTube search for uploads of the rest of the gig. The good thing is all the songs are there. The less cool thing is most of the tracks have been uploaded multiple times and often in crappy picture quality. Most of them are off multiple generation bootleg tapes. But lo and behold, I found one uploader in the UK who not only uploaded the full show (including intro sections with the band) but who actually taped the show off television when the gig was broadcast as a two part programme.

Now, obviously the recording isn't from 1970 as nobody had VCRs in those days but from a broadcast on tv in the UK sometime in the 1980s. And in addition to it being a 1'st generation copy it's also been uploaded in HD. I've already downloaded the entire thing and made a nice DVD-R of it. Yay!

You might notice one of the video clips go slightly out of sync halfway thru but stick with it anyway. There are other uploads that aren't out of sync but they look less good and not least importantly they SOUND no way nearly as good as this upload. So get to it, buddy; off to the show!
(PS: obviously I'm posting the videos in their correct order, beginning from the top)

Black Sabbath live at the Theatre Olympia in Paris, France, 20 December 1970.

EDIT: The original embedded video links were dead as the YouTube account was shut down. I found several new uploads that even cover the entire concert in one upload. This one is "even" presented in the original fullscreen format (at least one of the other complete uploads is in widescreen. Argh!) [April 2, 2013]

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Bollywood star - now also in South America

Check Member-X's fake VCD cover (with me) out on this website located (I believe) somewhere in South America. Haha. These cats scour the web every day for cool cover scans (70-80% is vintage porn mags). Hmm, maybe I should go to Bombay and hook up with the Ramsay family. Hmmm. xD

Bruno Mattei's THE TOMB available. Kinda.

VCD/Thailand/fullscreen/Thai dub/no subs/2 discs

Oh sing thy songs of happiness thee wee ones for today I bring thee words of multo cool info! I've recently discovered there is yet another release of one of Bruno Mattei's last moves! This one is THE TOMB (2004) and it's been released not by our friends in the Česká republika but in Thailand. On video-cd. Dubbed in Thai. Without subtitles. :-(

Boo-hoo!! Why is the world so mean. Oh why oh why (he says while repeatedly spanking himself with a leafless branch). I wrote to Tom, an American in Thailand who runs a DVD store with his wife, Kat, called TK WORLDWIDE. He was nice enough to make a few phone calls and if it wasn't depressing enough that there's only a VCD available then get this: The company had actually planned a DVD as well but they just never got around to putting it out!!! :-(

Tom says there are so many DVD and especially VCD releases EVERY DAY that it's completely impossible to really get a good view of what is actually out there on the Thai market. Well, one thing that isn't out there is a Mattei film called THE TOMB. :/

Having said all of the above I should probably also mention there is actually a reg. 1 release of THE TOMB. It came out several years back and unfortunately I don't have it which is a pain as it seems it's OOP and slightly difficult to find by now.

You can get the VCD from eThaiCD ($7.50 incl. p&p). Go here.

Thanks to Tom for the effort. TK WORLDWIDE has a lot of cool Thai DVDs and I've bought quite a few films from there. Go here.

PS: Sorry about the crappy cover scan. Usually I spit on pixelating cover scans downloaded from the Internet but it was the only one I could find and besides, it kinda fits the crappy release.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black Sabbath live Paris 1970

Just awesome!! From before Ozzy drank his brains out. From before they all started hating and suing each other. From before Ozzy began with his fucking hand clap and crazy look routine. From before they became asshole rock stars.

From Paris, 1970. I've listened to this four times in a row and I'm gonna listen to it again as soon as I finish this shit. Fucken awesome!!!

Lorna the Exorcist on DVD

Check this multo cool'o cover for Mondo Macabro's release of Jess/Jesus Franco's LORNA THE EXORCIST. Release date 29th of June. :D


Jezus Christ!! Check out this 17 y.o. metal chick (from the UK) and her guitar playing!!! Pretty awesome (everyone of her vids get like 6 billion comments!). Back in the day I learnt exactly three cords (enough for any good punk band of course!!).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Bollywood star if ever there was one

"A very rare VCD"! That's what Member-X of Cinehound said when he posted this Bollywood video-cd cover scan. PFFFT!!!

Congrats. I guess. :/

These two awesome and very rare tapes, the Indonesian Barry Prima film REVENGE OF NINJA, and the dark and nasty Hong Kong horror movie BRUTAL SORCERY, were just sold on eBay. And I was too broke to make bids of any significance. Boo-hoo.

Well, congrats to whoever won them. I guess. You guys really ought to send them to me for free. They'd look much better on MY shelf. xD

I already have REVENGE OF NINJA but it's a fullscreen tape from Greece. This tape is a letterboxed VHS from Japan. And I've got a DVD-R of the HK VCD of BRUTAL but it's only in Mandarin without any subs. This tape is the Ocean Shores release which is dubbed in English.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dark and Nasty HK: 降頭恐佈片紅鬼仔潘麗賢

Check this awesome clip out. Completely inspired by THE EVIL DEAD but also completely its own! The clip looks like it came (via a worn VHS) from a real film print.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Arr man, movies were so much better in the old days! xD


Oh Anna

Whatever you think of Anna Nicole Smith is fine but in my book she was pure psychotronic!! And if nothing else she did do two movies that are, well, pure psychotronic awesomeness! TO THE LIMIT (1995) and SKYSCRAPER (1996).

Anna Nicole's acting abilities were so terrible in both films it almost defies physical possibility but that's not really important here; What is of major importance is they both deliver in the entertainment department. Well, I take it you understand I mean: on a highly trashy level.

Check out these two trailers and you'll see what I mean, and also be SURE to check out the video at the bottom of this post. It's a (probably rare) video tape from the shooting of SKYSCRAPER; if you thought her acting abilities were bad when you watched the films or trailers then... watch this tape. It goes where no crappy actor or actress has gone before, LOL. (btw, it's timecoded and was most likely never meant to be made public, LOL). Both films are on video tape and DVD.